Details of the attack against Eric Holder in the LA County jail

By Alex A. Alonso for Streetgangs.Com
July 4, 2022 | 9:56 p.m.

Last Tuesday, the Eric Holder trial was schedule to resume in the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle, but Judge H. Clay Jacke told the jurors that morning that they can leave and return Wednesday morning due to “unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.” Holder was not present when jurors were dismissed, but Deputy Public Defender Aaron Jansen informed the media that he received information that Holder was assaulted that morning.

During a phone conversation Tuesday afternoon, Jansen provided Street TV more details about the assault that occurred while Holder was waiting in a Los Angeles County jail holding tank where he was held with 13 other inmates. Holder was possible attacked by two inmates and cut or slashed with a weapon to his head.

On Thursday morning Street TV received additional information about the assault on Holder from an extremely reliable source that informed us that the attack on Holder was committed by one person, who was a Latino gang member from Los Angeles in the same holding tank. The gang member that assaulted Holder was a protective custody drop-out gang member from a well known Los Angeles Latino based gang. We also learned that the three staples in his head was the result of Holder getting his head hit and not by a knife or cutting device as previously reported.

Eric Holder in court Tuesday afternoon after receiving medical treatment, June 28, 2022

We also learned that Holder has a K-10 jail classification which is defined as a “high jail security risk” reserved for inmates that require administrative segregation from the general population (GP) at all times. K-10 inmates, according the the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, are to be housed in single man cells and be waistchained during transportation from their cells to court. It is unknown why Holder was placed in this holding tank with 13 other inmates.

Closing arguments between Deputy District attorney John McKinney and Deputy Public defender Aaron Jansen occurred last Thursday and the jury began deliberating last Friday for about five hours. After an extended break from court the jury is expected to resume deliberations on Wednesday morning.

The jury will be deciding if the killing of Nipsey Hussle constituted a first degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt which is generally a planned out premeditated killing. McKinney argues that Holder had about nine minutes to cool off after a conversation that is believed to have triggered him. Jansen argued that Holder was being accused of snitching, an extremely serious offense in gang culture, by Nipsey Hussle, a well respected member of the gang. This was done in front of two other persons from that same gang, and that nine minutes was not enough time for the emotions stemmed from conversation to cool off. The jury will also have two lesser and included offenses to choose from in Nipsey’s killing, including second degree murder and manslaughter.

The jury will also have to decide whether on not Holder is guilty of two, first degree attempted murders against Kerry Latham, who suffered one gun shot to his lower back, and Shermi Villanueva, that had a bullet graze his abdomen area. The lesser included charge of assault with a deadly weapon is also a choice for the jury. McKinney argues that Holder wanted to kill all three victims, while Jansen concedes that Holder deliberately shot Nipsey Hussle but Latham and Villanueva were shot accidentally and were not even present for the conversation between Holder and Nipsey.

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