O.C.’s Mexican Mafia: Control of mean streets


Hundreds of gangsters crowded around Peter “Sana” Ojeda as he stood like a preacher on a pulpit atop green bleachers in Santa Ana’s El Salvador Park. It was a Saturday afternoon in January 1992 and many in attendance were deadly rivals. They were ordered to put aside bad blood.

The 49-year-old Mexican Mafia leader issued a command: No more drive-by shootings.

Gang killings were climbing across Orange County. In 1992, detectives investigated 20 gang homicides in Santa Ana alone. Bringing warring gangs together and having them agree on “rules” seemed impossible, but Ojeda had the reputation, the pull and the power to enforce it.

For decades the Mexican Mafia has controlled Latino street gangs, according to authorities. Through fear and intimidation “La Eme” – Spanish for “The M,” for Mafia – has controlled prisons, jails, drug sales and violence by exerting influence over thousands of gangsters in Orange County. The ruthless control starts behind prison walls and, from the early days, it was clear that Orange County belonged to “Sana” Ojeda.

The influence of the Mexican Mafia extends from prisons to county jails to the streets. Though Santa Ana is considered its hub in Orange County – with 100 documented gangs – the group’s influence is countywide. Gangs that pledge allegiance often use a “13” – for the 13th letter of the alphabet, M – next to their tagging, according to officials.

After the indictment of nearly 100 Mexican Mafia members and their associates in July, The Orange County Register reviewed court documents and interviewed law enforcement officials with the Santa Ana Police Department, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the FBI and the California Department of Corrections to piece together a glimpse at the secretive organization known as the Mexican Mafia.

Read more at: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/mafia-310782-ojeda-mexican.html

Photo credit: OC Register

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  1. Jimmy Richard Etherington


    Jimmy Etherington is a rapist and the ring leaer for the Mexican Mafia in oc. he targets innocent teen girls, elderly women, and all other women at local oc bars along with a host of other friends in the Mexican mafia. Christopher Diffee, Larry Cook, Gabe Rosales, Ryan Macabee, Ryan Clampitt, Rob Clampitt, John Jimmy Etherington also steals money from all these womens bank accounts.

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