Mynisha Crenshaw’s death was a call to action against gang violence

By Steve Lambert | The Sun
Posted: 11/14/15, 7:03 PM PST | Updated: 1 day ago

MYNISHA crenshaw killed by gangsIt was a question that became a headline that led to a movement.

“Can one life make a difference?”

A decade later, it’s fair to say that it can, and that Mynisha Crenshaw’s has. In death, this little girl we never knew but learned so much about awakened an entire community’s collective consciousness about gang violence.

Before that tragic Sunday evening in November 2005, it always seemed that the leadership of San Bernardino was in denial about gangs, preferring instead to blame “random acts of violence” and “hate crimes.”

Pat Morris, then a retired judge seeking his first term as mayor, saw it differently. He embraced this newspaper’s laser-beam coverage of Mynisha’s story, later putting forth a bold anti-gang initiative, Operation Phoenix.

That program was rooted in Mynisha’s Circle, a public outreach campaign The Sun had launched in the days following her death. Our first call was to Reggie Beamon, a local pastor and activist. Kent Paxton, then head of the San Bernardino County Children’s Network, lent his invaluable expertise and leadership. Almost overnight, local law enforcement, the business community, neighborhood associations, nonprofit leaders and concerned citizens had joined in confronting the causes and consequences of gang violence.

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4 Comments for “Mynisha Crenshaw’s death was a call to action against gang violence”

  1. Vanessa Guerrero 1997

    that crazy people just don’t want to change violence needs to stop

  2. Vanessa Guerrero 1997

    That little girl is so precious she dint deserve to get ked
    Mynisha will always be remembered.
    ”Gang” is to blame for all the violence

  3. Vanessa Guerrero 1997

    Mynisha is a precious little girl she deserved the best.
    ”Gang is to blame for all the violence that occurs.
    R.I.P Mynisha will Forever and always be remembered!!!

  4. danelly

    Rip bby sis today is you da shine bby girl luv u see u when I get there

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