Tookie informant, was arrested in Canada after being deported

STREETGANGS.COM | December 26, 2020

Alfred Coward

Alfred Coward, 1999, mug shot

Alfred “Blackie Coward was part of the Westside Crips and became a close friend to Stanley “Tookie” Williams. According to the statement he gave to the police, Coward was involved in the murder of Albert Owens, 26, the store clerk at the 7-eleven in Whittier, California. Present with Tookie and Blackie, were Tony Sims and someone only known as Darryl.

When Blackie was arrested he decided to cooperate and tell what happened, but he told the police that Tookie was the shooter. The District Attorney would give Blackie a deal for his testimony which he provided in the 1981 trial. Tookie was convicted and Blackie was free, but throughout the 1980s and early 1990s he was arrested for nearly a dozen felonies that prosecutors always declined to prosecute until it was just too much to ignore. In 1996, after another felony arrest, Blackie was deported to his native Canada and banished from the United States. But in less than 3 years, he was arrested for the murder of an 80-year old man. Blackie denied his involvement in the 1999 homicide but surveillance video captures the brutal beating. Blackie was sentenced to 12-years. After he was released from Canadian prison he died in his early 60s.

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