FBI: Bloods Gang Leader Ronald Herron Sentenced to Life

By Polly Mosendz | Newsweek
4/2/15 at 5:24 PM

nyc ronald herron sentenced to lifeRonald Herron was sentenced Thursday to 12 terms of life in prison plus 105 years. The leader of the Bloods street gang, he was convicted in June 2014 on charges of racketeering, murder in aid of racketeering, narcotics trafficking, robbery and firearms offenses. Herron’s division of the Bloods was active throughout New York City, primarily in the Gowanus and Wyckoff Gardens areas of Brooklyn.

“For years, Ronald Herron unleashed brutal, unrelenting violence on his community while glorifying his criminal lifestyle as a crack-dealing gangster. Today’s sentence put an end to all of that, for good,” U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

“Herron styled himself a rap artist, but the evidence proved that he was a murderous thug who sought power through violence, fear, and intimidation,” she continued. “Let today’s sentence send a message to other gang members who terrorize their own communities: We and our federal and city law enforcement partners will not tolerate such heinous criminal conduct.”

In his music, Herron claimed to be a leader of the “Murderous Mad Dogs,” a division of the Bloods. He also boasted online about “beating a body,” a reference to beating a murder rap. His street name was “Ra Diggs.”

Read more here: http://www.newsweek.com/fbi-ronald-herron-leader-bloods-gang-sentenced-life-prison-319248

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2 Comments for “FBI: Bloods Gang Leader Ronald Herron Sentenced to Life”

  1. Bert BEE

    These miss fits are destroying the kids, property , old peoples life , fighting at funerals , home invasions , putting drugs on the street , robbing , raping , you name it and if it’s bad that is what they get their joy from , car jacking , Gang members are nothing but THUGS that work for the Demons of HELL , I wish I could put them all in PRISON and throw away the key , they are the ish from the DEVIL , the smell and all , they are no better than the KKK , I glad everyone of them is off the STREET , LOCK THEM ALL UP ! GANG MEMBERS ARE COWARDS !!!!!!!

  2. American

    Enjoy the life sentence dirt bag. Two roads. You chose the wrong one. The not so happy trail.

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