School teacher rightfully defended herself & was BTB Savage actually trying to rob? | Streets & Scholars (EP60)

Streets & Scholars | April 20, 2023

In this episode 60 of Streets and Scholars with Frank “FG” Thornton and Alex Alonso they discuss: 

*Reggie Wright Jr. claims that Alex Alonso likes to socialize with know rats, referring to BJ (Nino Capaccino, Boskoe100 and Michael “Harry O” Harris. But did any of these guys actually inform?

-The US justice department recently stated that there are no charges going to be filled against the friends that were involved in the fatal assault of Shanquella Robinson in Mexico. The family is very disappointed that no on is going to be held accountable in her death. Mexican authorities made public statements that they were looking to charge one of her friends, but so far nothing has been done.

-84 year old man Andrew Lester shoots black teen, Ralph Yari, 16, for knocking at his door. The teen apparently knocked on the wrong door, and Lester began shooting through his door two times, striking the young boy in his head. Yari survived but Lester was charged with two felonies.  

*Substitute school teacher got into a physical altercation with a teenage student who refused to accept her punishment.

*Rapper BTB Savage who was cleared of any wrong doing in the killing of Omar Richardson in San Antonio was killed this month in Houston. A friend of Richardson’s sister claims that BTB Savage lied to San Antonio police and lied in the VLADTV interview about he being a victim of robbery when it was actually him who was the robber.


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