Stop Black-on-Black violence in Los Angeles, Justice or Else

STREETGANGS.COM | October 25, 2015

Washington D.C., Million Man MarchSkipp Townsend ( ) visits Washington D.C. for the Justice Or Else! Million Man March 20th Anniversary and the message he took back to the streets of South Los Angeles was that “Black-on-Black” violence can be cured by putting down the guns and stop the hating on your own brothers.

Date: Oct. 11, 2015

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1 Comment for “Stop Black-on-Black violence in Los Angeles, Justice or Else”

  1. EastSideResident

    Dont just stop the black on black big dog stop the black on brown stop the white on all colors. Man how about we forget all religions and worship humanity. Look at the world we live in today it is not the most advanced civilization yet. Just look at all the atrocities going on just south of the border. We need a new ideology system. Our young children will be the future of tomorrow. What will we teach them about this world we now live in? Indifference? Inequality? Unjustice? Where we can’t learn to share amongst our species?

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