Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #5 | Crips Founder Raymond Washington

Allhood Publications, Issue #5

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Allhood Publications, Issue #5 covers:

  • The History of the Pueblo Bishop Bloods & Studderbox
  • Raymond Washington – the Crip founder
  • Mr. Cartoon
  • Freeway Rick A Snitch? Freeway Ricky Ross DVD [AS IS on Ricky Ross]
  • Billy Joe Chamber: Drug King Pin in Detroit
  • Bloods: the new fad
  • Rosa Acosta
  • Diana Linda
  • Mr. Cartoon the famous tattoo artistPages: 46
    Publisher: Kev-Mac, Allhood Publications
    Chief Editor: Keasha Lundy
    Editor: Kev-Mac, Mangler
    Issue: 5
    Issue: 44 pages – all articles
  • 2 Comments for “Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #5 | Crips Founder Raymond Washington”

    1. Lamar Lowery aka Zartan

      what’s hommie, i have not heard from you in years, hope you are not locked up! I use to be on your website all before i lost contact with you hommie; How have you been kev Mac or ker kev! How is everything back home in hydepark? I hate it here in the fin Midwest. South Carolina is now banging: can’t believe that ish! I’m following my dreams also like you big hommie, getting ready to purchase/takeover Ruth Chris steakhouse & bring the headquarters here to Indy! I know cuz; f Indy but for now until i leave this chick; for now the restaurant is all i have for survival! I still hate fin slobs and forks, true story but long version why i choose to hate those colors, so i’m kind of hangin with the black mafia and respect Frank Lucas! miss you hommie and luv you cuz, a real true sixty!

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