AS IS Magazine, Issue #3 – The Black Gangster: Larry Hoover, Stanley “Tookie’ Williams, Fluckey Stokes

AS IS Magazine, Issue #3




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Features Include:

  • The Black Gangster: Larry Hoover, Stanley “Tookie’ Williams, Fluckey Stokes, Willie the Wimp, Pistol Pete, Ricky Ross, & Larry Davis.
  • Cocaine, Power & a Pen: the incredible story of how a letter to Columbia drug dealer turned a low level drug dealer to a $50 million a year king pin. Read Charles Crosby’s story of the bizarre plot to kidnap John F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Interview with Minister Seamore, the founder of the Players Ball
  • Coco, Ice-T’s girl talks about bi-racial relationships.
  • Cheaters Beware: that chick on the side can get you life in jail if you are married
  • Street Scription Drugs: Millions of Americans use prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them
  • What happens when you are charged with a crime?
  • Marlo (Jamie Hector) interview from the HBO show, The Wire
  • Comedian Alex Thomas talks about being from Los Angeles, ghetto life style and how he got into comedy

    Pages: 118
    Publisher: As Is
    Editor-in-Chief: Shabazz
    Issue: 3

2 Comments for “AS IS Magazine, Issue #3 – The Black Gangster: Larry Hoover, Stanley “Tookie’ Williams, Fluckey Stokes”

  1. Fathir

    agree the MCPD and Northern Virginia Gang Taskforce do seem to know what’s going on the area. I would be interested if there are some dmoagrephic statistics out there on gangs and gang members in the area that could be released to the public. That could be a tool in helping to fight gangs. I can’t tell you why there’s just soccer games. I was at that meeting too and didn’t they say there was some church or non-profit paying for the uniforms and stuff? (Old memory, not exactly sure ) Maybe there aren’t other groups willing to do the same for other sports? Maybe the other groups aren’t as interested in sports? Maybe they is a lack of leadership in the other groups to organize the teams? I could go on, could be anything really.

  2. ?

    go win the lotto ?

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