Don Diva Magazine, Issue #22 | Harlem’s Jim Jones | Flukey Stokes Story

Don Diva Magazine, Issue 22

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Don Diva Magazine, Issue 22, Vol. 6 covers:

  • Harlem’s Jim Jones
  • Cassidy: Put up or Shut up
  • Young Jeezy, Trap or Die
  • Ying Yang Twins
  • Exclusive: L.A. Familia, “Greenlighting from the Barrio”
  • How to Establish Your Credit
  • How to become a Real Estate Investor
  • Who’s a Rat.Com: Interview with spokesperson Anthony Capone about site that rats our the rats.
  • The Flukey Stokes Story, the richest drug dealer in Chicago during the 1970s and 1980s

Pages: 118

Publisher: Don Diva Entertainment

Editor-in-Chief: Tiffany Chiles

Issue: 22

6 Comments for “Don Diva Magazine, Issue #22 | Harlem’s Jim Jones | Flukey Stokes Story”

  1. Wallace jones jr

    Would like to order

  2. levan walker

    Picture me not being in the don diva magazine after experience with bad business which led to a claspe of an empire worth at least a gazillion from marketing strategy.

  3. levan walker

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  5. levan walker

    Business attempts to go independent and miss out on trillions from intellectual property piracy

  6. levanwalker

    Business man looses out on trillions based on con artists and lose of media play and legal advice and assistance.

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