Don Diva Magazine, Issue #28 | Weed Guideline | Jamie Hector interview

Don Diva Magazine, Issue 28

7th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Don Diva Magazine

Don Diva Magazine

Don Diva Magazine

Don Diva Magazine


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Don Diva Magazine, Issue 28 covers:

  • Five Essential Things to know About a Criminal Case
  • Weed Guideline: A Federal and State by State Guide to Marijuana Laws
  • Death Before Dishonor;
  • Jamie Hector interview
  • Hustlers Huslte
  • Cin City Aristocrat
  • Pages: 130
    Publisher: Don Diva Entertainment
    Editor-in-Chief: Tiffany Chiles
    Issue: 28

    1 Comment for “Don Diva Magazine, Issue #28 | Weed Guideline | Jamie Hector interview”

    1. Jessica

      gang, they said, “Hispanic males, how tall?” — Guess that was the gang running the nihegborhood at the time.One week later they broke into my house while I was out and ran when I opened the front door. The police said it was likely the same gang as they’d been pulling the same types of carjackings/break-ins in the nihegborhood.That night they broke into my car and stole a xerox machine in the trunk that our production had rented for a music video shoot — it was worth a lot but production insurance covered it, otherwise I’d have been even more pissed.I am only glad that I didn’t have a gun during the car jacking otherwise I would have shot a couple of 14 year olds at point blank range.During the LA riots I was living off of Vermont, i.e., the path the rioters took from South Central north. I watched on TV as the strip mall 100 yards away was looted and set on fire. At that point I did want a gun — it was a very scary time.All to confirm that I’m no fan of gangs, but yesterday I called Der Guvernator’s office and asked that Tookie’s life be spared.It was in a way a selfish act — if Tookie can keep one child from joining the young thugs running loose in LA he deserves to live.There’s a time for a community to take responsibility for their youth. I’m with Bill Cosby, and Tookie — it’s come time for some portions of the African American community (and by this I mean the dead-beat dads and crack moms, not the loving caring families struggling to raise their kids in a very tough environment) to challenge racism by proving racists wrong.I know that firsthand as well — I taught in *ghetto* schools right after college. We weren’t allowed to tell kids not to have kids so watched in frustration as a 15 year old came in pregnant for the second time without even learning the basics of surviving economically.I had to go to my students’ homes and I can’t tell you how eye-opening it was to see four generations of women, living in third-world type poverty, with one really nice TV tuned to soaps. I always felt like screaming STOP HAVING CHILDREN UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD THEM! GET AN EDUCATION — IF YOU GET AN EDUCATION YOU CAN GET OUT OF HERE!I remember one family, the great-grandmother was about 56,the grandmother, 42, the mother 28 or so, and the child 13 AND PREGNANT. Each of these women had many children. There were no male adults present but hordes of children.It’s an endless vicious cycle, and I do believe that gangsta rap, bling, and the veneration/ degredation of hoochie mamas in the entertainment industry adds to it. Anyway, that’s OT. Hope Tookie lives to do good work for those kids at risk who need him!

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