F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #25 – Anniversary Issue

F.E.D.S. Magazine, Issue 25

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F.E.D.S. Magazine, Issue 25 covers:

  • Issue #1 AZ – True-life story depicted in the "Movie paid in Full
  • Issue# 2: Leroy “Nicky” Barnes – How he made millions distributing heroin and brought down an empire working for the government
  • Issue #3: O.G. Mack – Responsible for the rise of the Bloods in New York City
  • Issue #4: Alberto “Alpo” Martinez – Crack Kingpin explains in detail his notorious life of crime
  • Issue #5: Santra Rucker – Sentenced to a 290-years in prison for being the girl friend of a drug dealer and not taking the plea bargain
  • Issue #6: Pee Wee Kirkland – Drafted by the Chicago Bulls but passed it up for the riches he was making on the streets
  • Issue #6: Bone – Athens Park Blood drops the history on gangbangin’.
  • Issue #6: Mike Conception LA Crip who changed his life around and is now one of LA’s power players
  • Issue #6: Guy Fisher – Purchased the world famous Apollo theater as a way to give back but was brought later down by Nicky Barnes
  • Issue #7: Larry Davis – Led New York City on a 17-day public manhunt. Larry was recently murdered in the Federal penitentiary
  • Issue #7: Gangster – Younger brother to Baby and Slim serving life in the Federal Penitentiary
  • Issue #8: Harry O – Bounty Hunter Blood LA Kingpin financed Death Row Records but never received any of its riches
  • Issue #9: Preacher – This alleged extortionist terrorized NYC in the 80’s
  • Issue #9: Political Prisoners – Some of these freedom fighters are jailed for life! Listen up…
  • Issue #10: Detroit Best Friends – Detroit’s busiest killing crew was responsible for over 80 murders
  • Pages: 128
    Publisher: Clark, Inc
    Editor-in-Chief: Antoine Clark
    Issue: 25

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