F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #32 | Eddie the “Fat Man” Jackson | Chris “Deep” Henderson | Waka Flocka Flame

F.E.D.S. Magazine, Issue 32

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F.E.D.S. Magazine, Issue 32 covers:

– Eddie the “Fat Man” Jackson: Detroit Heroin dealer during 1970s
– How DNA freed Robert McClendon after 18 years
– Mark Curry: former Bad Boy artist exposes Puffy (Diddy) and the music game
– Waka Flocka Flame exclusive F.E.D.S. interview
– Kandi (ex member of Xscape) singer from Atlanta House Wives interview
– Chris “Deep” Henderson – Grammy winning producer talks about how he made it in music
– MC French Montana
– Model Jazzie Belle
– Danetia Clark: talks about serving Federal time for participating in a bank robbery

Pages: 94
Publisher: Clark, Inc
Editor-in-Chief: Antoine Clark
Issue: 32

1 Comment for “F.E.D.S Magazine, Issue #32 | Eddie the “Fat Man” Jackson | Chris “Deep” Henderson | Waka Flocka Flame”

  1. Lucian

    agree that the argument based on s198A (that the Minister’s power to dearcle certain countries to respect human rights) is probably a long shot; I just can’t see any precedent for the High Court declaring, contrary to the fairly unequivocal language of the section, that the power can’t be exercised purely to the Minister’s own satisfaction. The argument is that s198A requires the existence of jurisdictional facts that is, that Malaysia DOES respect human rights, not merely that the Minister can dearcle it to be such. I just think it’s a bridge too far to expect the High Court to dearcle that those facts aren’t satisfied on the evidence presented it blurs the fact/law division too far. If it was North Korea and it was a manifestly absurd claim, perhaps.The M61/M69 aspect of the claim is interesting that removal of refugees without any due process violates the obligation to exercise removal powers in accordance with procedural fairness but I suspect the facts are too far removed from those under M61 if such removal is merely considered as part of the broader processing’ (with removal to Malaysia being one step on their long road to acceptance or rejection). (This is all just a layman’s analysis, though.)I hope they get up. I really, really do. But it’ll be tough.

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