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Beef 3 is the latest step in the high drama, high conflict hip-hop world. Beef 3 has driven great street excitment and is the story of high-profile conflicts and rivalries emerging between hip-hop artists.

If you like hip-hop, enjoy conflict, or want to watch highlights of some of the top performers like 50 Cent and The Game – Beef 3 is hot!

These battles might be called cat fights if their participants didn’t put so much stress on machismo; the back-and-forth insult contests can lead to impressive wordplay and entertainment–but also, sometimes, to violence. The “beefs” between 50 Cent and The Game, Lil’ Flip and TI, and Nelly and Chingy are just a few of those examined here.

Release Date: November 15, 2005
Running Time: 85 minutes
Produced: QD3
Director: Peter Spirer

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