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‘BEEF’ is a definitive look into the deep and harsh world of high profile beefs told by the artists themselves. The mc battle… Hip hop’s war of words… Who’s the illest on the mic… What happens when the raw energy of the inner city spills over from the studio to the streets. Today the stakes are high, and the consequences are becoming more and more real. What effect will this have on the future of hip hop? Judge for yourself! Featuring 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Ja Rule, Mack 10, Common, Cypress Hill, Russell Simmons, NWA, and legendary battlers KRS-One, MC Chan, Kool Moe Dee, Busy Bee and more! Narrated by Emmy Award-winner Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, Baby Boy, Don King: Only in America) And featuring Uncut Nate Dogg Golf Club Incident; A Night at MIC Club; MC Battles from Atlanta’s Apache Caf‚; MC Supernatural Freestyles on Beef; Damon Dash vs. the Fresh Pimps.

Emmy Award winner Ving Rhames narrates as MC heavyweights 50 Cent, DMX, Ja Rule, Mobb Deep, Ice T, Dr. Dre, Common, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, NWA, Treach, Mack 10, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, KRS-ONE, MC Shan, Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee, and many others weigh in on legendary battles with exclusive footage and rare archival performances.

Back in the day when quick-witted MC’s Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee went mic-to-mic in Harlem, little did they know they had started a war of words that still rages today. 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule. Jay-Z vs. Nas. Tupac vs. Biggie. Common vs. Westside Connection. Cube vs. NWA. KRS-ONE vs. Nelly. Ice T vs. LL Cool J. These and many other notorious MC battles punctuate BEEF, the definitive documentary on this enduring urban phenomenon.

BEEF is the third in a 12-program series by QD3 Entertainment and Image, following the Tupac Shakur biopic Thug Angel and The Freshest Kids, on the history of breakdancing. This latest gripping documentary, executive produced by Quincy “QD3” Jones, III, directed by Peter Spirer (Rhyme and Reason, Thug Angel, Modern Warriors), and produced by Casey Suchan (Thug Angel, The Freshest Kids), examines the history, tracks the evolution, and explores the social, political and economic ramifications of this increasingly controversial art form. BEEF explores the simmering street energy of Hip Hop as it plays out on wax and spills over from the studio into the neighborhoods of urban America. Rappers talk frankly about street life, how they got into the game, their favorite battles and current beef in exclusive interviews, rare archival footage, and never-before-seen performances featuring 50 Cent, DMX, Ja Rule, Mobb Deep, Ice T, Dr. Dre, Common, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, NWA, Treach, Mack 10, Beanie Sigel, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, KRS-ONE, MC Shan, Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee and others.

Emmy Award winner Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible, Baby Boy, Don King: Only in America, Undisputed, the upcoming Envy with Ben Stiller), Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons, hip-hop historian Davey D, and former pro football player and gang mediator Jim Brown are among the other notables who provide an inside look.

BEEF chronicles early MC battles including KRS-One vs. MC Shan, breaks down the break-up of NWA, follows the rivalry between the East Coast and the West Coast that led to the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G, reveals underground disputes between rap crews, and uncovers the dark realities behind today’s beef between multi-platinum selling artists Ja Rule and 50 Cent.

From skills on the mic to skills on the street, BEEF serves up prime cuts from rap’s most famous and controversial players, questions the future of the lyrical MC, and contemplates Hip Hop’s next verse.

Running Time: 103 minutes
Produced: QD3
Narrated: Ving Rhames
Director: Peter Spirer

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