Black Gangstas: Chaz Williams DVD

Black Gangstas: Chaz Williams


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Chaz Williams a.k.a. SLIM (from the 50 Cent track ‘Many Men’ — “Slim switched sides on me, let niggas ride on me, I thought we was cool. Why you want me to die, homey?”) was raised in Queens NY’s 40 Projects and got into a life of crime at the early age of 12 years old.

As time progressed, so did CHAZ, from petty stickups to eventually robbing bands and being on the F.B.I. and New York’s ‘Most Wanted’ lists for escaping jail. CHAZ had a 100 years in prison before fighting the system back (he served 15 years in prison).

CHAZ, along with his friends DAME DASH, MUTULU SHUKAR (TUPAC’s father) and more, are here to tell CHAZ’s story of robbery, shootouts with the federal government, being 50 cent’s manager and running his own promotion business and record label Black Hand Entertainment.

You can also read the As Is Magazine cover story,
The Ski Mask Way


Produced: Go Get It Studios

Running Time: 90 minutes


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