Bloods: The Rise of the Bloods Gang DVD

BLOODS: The Rise Of The Bloods Gang




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The “Blood” gangs of Compton were formed in the late 60’s. Teenagers came together in a group to fight off what was then a little known gang called the “Crips”. Throughout the years, even though they have always had fewer members, the Bloods have continued to spread around the world. You see them in movies and some of the most famous rappers are affiliated with the gang that is known for wearing their signature Blood Rags. From prison to the hood, the bloods’ presence remains strong.

In this documentary, OG’s walk you through what life was like back then & how things have changed over the years. Many would like to see gang culture disappear completely but as the Bloods have shown over the last 40 years, they are here to stay.

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  1. christina

    What up blood,yella girl banging family swan blood 89.been putting it down since 1998,f avon gardens & they some straight up crab ass chicks.espicially that chick Ni66ah baby citha.Ni66ah pull a strapp out on me and didnt even bust,knowing Im from swan gang in the mix 4 life

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