The Breakdown of Cocaine Cowboys DVD

The Breakdown of Cocaine Cowboys


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AS IS magazine catches up with film makers, Billy Corbin and David Cypkin about their documentary “Cocaine Cowboys,” and film that chronicles the cocaine trade in Miami between the Columbians and Cubans. It is the real story behind the tv show Miami Vice and hit Brian DePalma film Scarface.Griselda Blanco a/k/a/ “La Madrina” (THE GODMOTHER) was responsible for bringing 2 billion dollars worth of cocaine into the United States. Her organization was part of the Medellin Cartel which included Pablo Escobar, the Ochoa Family and Carlos Lehder. Griselda spearheaded one of the most violent times America has seen. Helping Griselda was none other than “Rivi” one of the most efficient hitmen in her organization. Watch in awe as “Rivi” matter-of-factly breaks down one of the gruesome 29 murders he committed in a jail house interview. Listen closely as “La Silencia” (the code of silence) is broken. “Cocaine Cowboys” is a documentary so powerful you’ll forget Scarface.

Bonus feature on the DVD will make you think twice about your favorite chicken spot. Are you realy eating chicken? Could it be another bird, or another animal? Check out this “meat hustle” that probably takes place in your city.

Produced: AS IS
DVD Release Date: 2007
Running Time: 60

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