Concrete Hell Vol. 2

Concrete Hell Vol. 2

Concrete Hell 2 


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Concrete Hell Vol. 2 is a 2-disc set that contains “The Documentary” and “The Conference.” Shazzloc once again takes you to the inner city streets, this time to the Tri State area of New York. Hear what New York Bloods & Crips from the streets, say about their affiliations and connection to the west coast and Los Angeles. They address the idea of being referred to as “copy cats” and how they view certain high profile rap/hip hop stars.

The Conference portion of this DVD features rival L.A. gang members coming together in Compton and they speak on footage that they have seen from the East Coast. Additionally listen to a freestyle rap session with some of your favorites from Concrete Hell Vol. 1.

Running Time: 120 mins


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