enBlackopedia DVD by AS IS Magazine

enBlacklopedia DVD by ASIS



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This DVD features the stories of 4 black infamous individuals of American history. FLUKEY STOKES (Chicago) is the man who buried his son, “Willie the Wimp,” in a Cadillac coffin. Flukey’s gambling and drug empire earned him more than 50 million dollars a year. CHAZ WILLIAMS (New York) was known for robbing 60+ banks then going on to own a record company. Chaz brings street credibility as well as a no-nonsense attitude about business. A testament of his work is having everyone from Jay-Z to 50 Cent to Foxy Brown on his music master list. WILLIE LLOYD (Chicago) is the self-proclaimed king of the Vice Lords, convicted cop killer and legendary extortionist. His story told with a surprising twist. FELIX MITCHELL (East Oakland, CA) is the king of East Oakland’s heroin drug trade.
Producer: ASIS
Featured: Shabazz, Chaz Williams, Fluckey Stokes, Willie Lloyd, Felix Mitchell

Directed: Shabazz


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