Archival Gang and Crime footage, Vol. 3

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Archival Gang and Crime footage, Vol. 3 DVD Contents

1. White Suburban Gang Members, interview of male and female white suburban gang members and their parents. One of the mother’s (Bonnie Elseman) son was involved in a 6 car shootout (1992) that made the cover of TIME magazine. He was affiliated with a Hoover Crip set. Jimmy Farris’ parents (James Farris Sr.) briefly speak on how he was stabbed and killed y local white gang members from Augora Hills in 1995. Christopher Velardo, 17, Micah Holland, 15, Brandon Hein, 18, and Anthony Miliotti, 17, as well as the actual killer Jason Holland, 18, were all charged with Farris’s murder. They were members of a gang called Gumbys (7 min).

Total time: 148 minutes

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