Archival Gang and Crime footage, Vol. 4

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Archival Gang and Crime footage, Vol. 4 DVD Contents

The following DVD has 26 separate clips from 1996 to 1998 with a running time of 2 hours 28 minutes. Detailed descriptions of all the clips are below.

1. White Suburban Gang Members, interview of male and female white suburban gang members and their parents. One of the mother’s (Bonnie Elseman) son was involved in a 6 car shootout (1992) that made the cover of TIME magazine. He was affiliated with a Hoover Crip set. Jimmy Farris’ parents (James Farris Sr.) briefly speak on how he was stabbed and killed y local white gang members from Augora Hills in 1995. Christopher Velardo, 17, Micah Holland, 15, Brandon Hein, 18, and Anthony Miliotti, 17, as well as the actual killer Jason Holland, 18, were all charged with Farris’s murder. They were members of a gang called Gumbys (7 min).

2. LA Sheriff raid Houses in Athens to search for wanted gang member (1 min): Alesha Dyer, the girlfriend of wanted fugitive from Athens Park Bloods in South LA complains at a press conference about the treatment residents are receiving from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. Sgt. Ron Spear from the Sheriff’s department states that Demetrius Franklin is wanted for a brutal murder and a known gang member (2 mins).

3. John Hurley talks about committing attempted murder where he pleaded guilty. His attorney Edward Zaloba negotiated a plea deal of 4 to 12 years for the April 3, 1994 attempted murder in Rockaway, Queens when he attempted to kill Jermaine Ramsey, and shot a total of three people in Queens. Hurley claims that the was racially harassed by Ramsey (5 min).

4. Freeway Rick Ross talks about Danilo Blandon, his Nicaraguan cocaine connection. There were rumors that Blandon was linked to the CIA and that they was aware of the drug trafficking. Congress woman Maxine Waters calls the CIA racist criminals but Rev. Jesse Peterson criticizes Waters’ position and says that her outrage is not sincere and only politically motivated by the upcoming elections (2 mins, 1996).

5. White Fence Gang member Felipe Herrera and Raul Montano talk about getting shot and show off their wounds. The story also features Teens on Target program with young paraplegics who have been injured by gun fire (3 mins, 1996).

6. Retired LAPD Cop Raises Awareness about CIA’s Involvement with Drug Contras. Former LAPD officer, Michael Rupport, claims that since 1979 the CIA has been involved in drug dealing. The operations Amadeus, Pagasus, and Watch Tower were all agency operations linked to drug dealings according the former LAPD officer (3 mins, 1996).

Total time: 148 minutes

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