Gangsta King: Raymond Lee Washington DVD

Gangsta King: Raymond Lee Washington

Raymond Washington


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This definitive history of the Crips and the man behind the gang digs deep into a world rarely seen by outsiders. The social and racial upheaval of the ’60s sparked the creation of politically and socially active clubs by young blacks. Groups like the Sons of Watts, Black Panther, and US Organization tried to protect their communities from the violence that was perpetrated against them in the name of racism, police brutality and injustice.

The demise of these groups led a young Raymond Lee Washington to create his own club with much of the same ideals and political ideologies that he admired in the earlier clubs. What later formed is now known as the infamous Crips, but he did not intend for them to become so violent.

Includes an exclusive first-time interview with Gregg “Batman” Davis, an
original member of the Crips, gang historian, film maker, and founder of, Alex Alonso, gang sociologist and author Malcolm Klein, and top gang cop & president of the California Gang Investigators Association Wes McBride.

Topics discussed are the early Black gangs from Los Angeles during the 1940s and 1950s, Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter, Ron Karenga, Black Panthers, US Organization, Bloods and Crips in the 1980s and the crack cocaine epidemic.

Narrated by Robert Stack
Running Time: 60 mins
Production: KOCH Vision

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