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You’ve heard rappers like 50 Cent talk about them in numerous songs. They were on the cover of one of the best-selling F.E.D.S. Magazines. You heard bits and pieces of the real life drama on the street DVD Hood Vision. Now you get the full story of legendary drug kingpins Pretty Tony, Lance, and Todd Feurtado a.k.a. The King of Kings.

Up until 1995, when the government brought the to justice the Feurtado brothers ran a criminal enterprise which spread across 23 states trafficking marijuana, heroin & cocaine and grossing up to $15 million a week. They influenced and/or launched the criminal careers of some of the countries most notorious drug kingpins including: Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols, Pappy Mason, George Wallace, Tommy Mickens, Gerald “Prince” Miller, and others.

With commentary from A-List celebrities like Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Irv Gotti, Fat Joe, and a host of others, the picture is painted perfectly and ranked up there with the stories of some of your favorite fiction and non-fiction underworld figures.

As leaders of a gang in the early ’70s named The Seven Crowns, they started out selling marijuana and then graduated to heroin and cocaine. They methodically launched, were suppliers for and/or influenced the criminal careers of some of this country’s largest urban drug kingpins, including Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff (who is now serving time for gun possession and is the head of the notorious “Supreme Team”), Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols (who is serving a life sentence for drugs and murder), “Pappy” Mason (who ordered the hit on New York City police officer Ed Byrnes), George “GW” Wallace (who is serving time for drugs and murder), Tommy Mickens (convicted of income tax evasion), Gerald “Prince” Miller, and a host of others. These individuals all had some association with The Seven Crowns and/or the Feurtado family.

How were these men able to fly under the radar of law enforcement agencies in the quiet Borough of Queens for so long? We will unravel this mystery in the The KING OF KINGS anti-drug documentary by interviewing the, their family members, former gang members, henchmen, bodyguards, drug dealers, hit men, celebrities, law enforcement officials, community residents, elected officials, and local business owners. In the end, you will be shocked when you learn how the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and LOCAL AUTHORITIES crossed the line to finally bring them to justice.

This film will also show you have the Feurtados have turned their lives around since their release from prison by working with Hip-Hop impresario Russell Simmons, The Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council and other agencies to educate our youth about the dangers of drugs, as well as the draconian New York State Rockefeller and Federal drug laws.

Running Time: 128 minutes
Director: Kevin Glover
Executive Producers: Charles Fisher & Lance Feurtado

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