Murder City: Detroit DVD

Murder City: Detroit (2008)

murder city detroit

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The complete history of crime in Detroit, from the bootlegging Purple Gang of the 1920s (some of whom allegedly worked for Al Capone) and the flamboyant Errol Flynns of the 1970s who helped originate gang signs, to the ’80s drug consortium Young Boyz, Inc. and automobile executive John DeLorean’s cocaine scandal. Part history and part social commentary, this release is essential for any true Detroiter and for urban crime connoisseurs from all over.

Documenting Detroit?s 100 year history as it relates to its crime statistics, specifically organized crime, Murder City is receiving positive reviews. With the national airing of the city?s dirty laundry, one can only wonder if the film will reinforce negative stereotypes. ?To people outside of the city, it may reinforce some stereotypes, but they already have them.? Profit explains, ?I tried to include historical data for people to understand the city better.?

Includes interviews with Kurt McGurt of YB’s and Anthony Provenzano, a key suspect in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. This DVD is also packed with TV footage of Detroit legends like the Errol Flynn gang, Maserati Rick, Frank ?Nitti? Ushor and John DeLorean.

Produced: Studio August
Running Time: 83 minutes
Release: April 22, 2008

Featuring: Alex Thomas, Roy Houston, Paul Howard, Ziploc Moe, 7 The General, Everett Taylor, Manno, Ice/Harlem World, Motsi Ski, Fred Rocquemore

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