DVD – Scarface 4 Life

Scarface 4 Life

Street Stars$16.99


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Troy Reed presents his latest documentary on New York City’s most notorious correctional facility, Rikers Island. This documentary explicitly shows grusome inmate slashings, police corruption, and everyday life on the Island, during the late 80’s and early 90’s.Rikers Island in New York City is home to a fearful penitentiary with a lengthy–and often troubled–history. Filmmaker Troy Reed chose Rikers as the location for his documentary, entitled SCARFACE 4 LIFE, in an attempt to convey some of the disturbing events that have taken place on the island. Drawing on some fearsome events that were triggered in the late-1980s and early-1990s, Reed highlights police corruption, inmate slayings, and plenty more besides in this powerful portrait of a bleak institution.Some of Troy Reed’s projects include, “The Larry Davis Story”, “Game Over”, “The Guy Fisher Story, and the long awaited release of “The Karlton Hines Story”.

Running Time: 70 minutes
Director: Troy Reed
Assistant Director: Lorenzo Steele
Producer: Street Stars
Music by: Heatmakers, Showbiz, Yogi & Kevin Merrit, Walli World, Buckwild

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  1. Kraisorn

    Its a very aggressive sanmetett What the person is really saying is: you look pissed off but content to be so, I hate myself and go around all day pretending to be happy,Why cant I be pissed off and content like you?

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