The Real Rick Ross Story: The Cocaine Campaign DVD

The Real Rick Ross Story: The Cocaine Campaign

Ricky Ross$17.99

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If you want to know why Miami rapper Rick Ross whose real name is William Roberts, decided to name himself after legendary Los Angeles cult figure and multi million dollar drug king pin Freeway Rick aka Ricky Ross, this DVD will give you a better insight into the real Rick Ross.Ross revolutionized the wholesale cocaine trade in the early 1980s in South Los Angeles by mass producing crack cocaine through his Central American connections, and he took his operations to other cities in the United States. At his height he earned up to $2 million dollars in one day. In 1996, journalist Gary Webb wrote a 3-part story on how the CIA was aware of several American back Central Americans who were traffiking cocaine into Los Angeles and using Freeway Rick and his connections to create a drug distributing network that the US had never seen before.Check out the true life story of one of America’s biggest drug kingpin in this DVD. ASIS Magazine published a cover article in issue #1 on Ricky Ross in 2006 and Allhood Publications published an article in issue #5 on Ricky Ross in the 2008. You can also check out Ricky Ross in the DVD American Drug War: The Last White Hope.Produced: ASIS
Release Date: October, 2006

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  1. snickie

    I heard u on alex jones show I was instantly captured by ur voice . U have the sexiest voice I have ever heard. It seriously sexually excited me without ever knowing wat u even look like. Truely orgasmic I lived in la in the 80’s n never knew who u were but I wishi cud know now. Snickie 772 626-91594

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