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Welcome to Death Row (2001)


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Welcome to Death Row tells the unauthorized history of the most notorious rap label ever. And what a story it is–the rise and fall of Death Row and its power-hungry CEO, Marion “Suge” Knight, makes The Godfather look like a bedtime story. The film traces the entire controversial history of the label and the impact it had on not only the music industry but American culture. The film also details the relationship between Death Row and its biggest star,Tupac Shakur, and the effect that Shakur’s sudden death in a 1996 drive-by shooting had on the label’s fortunes (a story told in greater depth in Thug Immortal).

Although none of the major players in this drama are represented on tape, an alarming number of believable behind-the-scenes sources makes this a documentary that goes a long way toward revealing the intimate connection between the music industry and organized crime, and the desire for power and glory that drives them both. –Chris Campion

Welcome to Death Row is the definitive documentary on the most compelling story in the history of rap music. Three years in the making, the film profiles the rise and fall of Death Row Records, from its ghetto beginnings to its release of an unprecedented six consecutive multi-platinum albums, making stars of Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and others before crashing down amid tales of violent business practices and the murder of Tupac. The film has received extensive national television and press coverage in the wake of the release of controversial Death Row founder and CEO Suge Knight from a federal penitentiary in Oregon.

Actors: Kevin Powell (III), John Payne (IX), Dan O’Down, Dick Griffey, Atron Gregory
Directors: S. Leigh Savidge, Jeff Scheftel
Studio: Xenon
DVD Release Date: September 25, 2001
Run Time: 104 minutes

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