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The World’s Most Dangerous Gang



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You’ve read the numerous news headlines documenting the Mara Salvatrucha gang. But what is driving the rapid spread of this gang MS-13, which have appeared in big cities and small towns across the country? National Geographic Explorer’s Lisa Ling takes you deep inside of the shadowy culture of MS-13. It is an organization that recruits the most desperate, poor, uneducated, including children, and twists them into hardened criminals capable of the most serious crimes.

World’s Most Dangerous Gang reveals how MS-13 works from those who know it best — detailing its extreme culture and rituals through revealing interviews with active members, those struggling to break free and investigators dedicated to stemming the increasing tide of violence that now spills beyond our borders.

Host Lisa Ling along with National Geographic Explorer travels from Los Angeles to El Salvador to explore the innermost workings of the most feared gang on the planet. A powerful offshoot of the once insignificant Mara Salvatrucha gang, MS-13 has rapidly evolved into a formidable criminal empire. In the 1980s a law was passed that called for non-U.S. citizens to be deported to their country of origin after serving life sentences on stateside shores. As a result of this law, countries such as El Salvador that had never experienced serious gang problems were forced to watch helplessly as those who learned their violent trade in the U.S. returned home to spread their violent agenda. Now, as twenty-year old MS-13 member Jester comes forward to shed illuminating light on a culture shrouded in secrecy, host Ling and her fearless film crew will embark on their most dangerous mission to date.

WARNING: This is not a scientific or sociological analysis of MS, but a journalist’s sensational presentation of MS.

Correspondent: Lisa Ling
Produced: National Geographic
Running Time: 53 mins

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