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Broderick Boys: What does the gang injunction mean?

KATHERINE JARVIS (Daily Democrat) | July 10, 2011 While many believe the Broderick Boys gang injunction will continue to reduce crime in West Sacramento, a lawyer representing the alleged gang members still hopes to have the ruling overturned.In a judgment released in June, Yolo County Superior Court Judge Kathleen White ruled members of the Broderick […]

West Sacramento gang now under curfew

Daily Democrat | June 21, 2011 Members of the Broderick Boys gang must adhere to a curfew and avoid affiliating in public when inside a West Sacramento “Safety Zone” for the next seven years, Yolo County Judge Kathleen White ruled. The ruling was released Thursday and is the latest in a years-long saga where the […]

Trial over permanent gang injunction in W. Sacramento wraps up

Hudson Sangree | December 16, 2010 Lawyers on Wednesday concluded a five-month trial to decide if a permanent injunction is needed in West Sacramento to combat the alleged criminal street gang known as the Broderick Boys. The civil trial, which took place before Yolo Superior Court Judge Kathleen White in a Woodland courtroom, involved dozens […]

Defense opens its case to halt West Sacramento anti-gang injunction

Hudson Sangree (The Sacramento Bee) | November 5, 2010 After months of prosecution evidence, defense lawyers opened their case Thursday in a trial to determine if a permanent anti-gang injunction is needed in West Sacramento to fight the alleged street gang known as the Broderick Boys. The civil trial pits claims of civil rights vs. […]

3 West Sac gang members get prison in Amtrak attack

By Hudson Sangree Published: Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009 | Page 6B The Sacramento Bee Three young men convicted of attacking an Amtrak engineer in West Sacramento and of being members of the Broderick Boys street gang were sentenced Friday in Yolo Superior Court to terms in state prison. Judge Timothy Fall sentenced Austen Nunes, 19, […]

Judge reinstates anti-gang injunction against West Sac’s Broderick Boys

By Hudson Sangree – Published 12:00 am PDT Saturday, May 24, 2008 A Yolo County judge ruled Friday that a controversial anti-gang injunction targeting the Broderick Boys of West Sacramento – tossed out by an appeals court last year – should be reinstated for now. The preliminary injunction granted by Judge Kathleen White imposes a […]

Broderick Boys hearing to resume in court

By Hudson Sangree – Last Updated 7:48 am PDT Tuesday, April 8, 2008 Yolo County prosecutors will be back in court Tuesday, seeking an injunction against the Broderick Boys street gang of West Sacramento. Law enforcement officials insist that the gang is the source of street crime ranging from violence to petty theft in the […]

Yolo prosecutor back in court to curb Broderick Boys

By Hudson Sangree – Sacramento Bee Published 12:00 am PDT Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Story appeared in METRO section, Page B3 A hearing opened Monday in the latest effort by Yolo County prosecutors to secure an anti-gang injunction against the Broderick Boys of West Sacramento. Deputy District Attorney Jay Linden asked Judge Kathleen White for […]

Gang Injunction: 300 black men targeted

oakdale mob, san fransicso, hunter's point

by Damone Hale, from this week’s Bay View Friday Oct 20th, 2006 2:26 AM Damone Hale on City Attorney Herrera’s “civil gang injunction” program targeting the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. On Oct. 30, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera will ask the San Francisco Superior Court to issue a civil gang injunction prohibiting hundreds […]

West Sac’s catch-22

Judge tosses suit against West Sac gang injunction but dodges constitutional issues By Cosmo Garvin December 21, 2005 – News The controversial gang injunction in West Sacramento survived another legal challenge last week, though Yolo County Superior Court Judge Thomas Warriner essentially sidestepped the question of whether the sweeping new gang-suppression law is constitutional. […]

Anti-gang strategy is called a success

But critics charge racism in West Sacramento’s use of a court injunction. By Steve Gibson — Bee Staff Writer Published 2:15 am PST Wednesday, March 23, 2005 B1 Since authorities obtained a court order targeting a 350-member West Sacramento street gang known as the Broderick Boys, city police have arrested 10 members on a variety […]

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