The link between gang injunctions and the gentrification process (pt. 9)

Gaby Hernandez | March 22, 2021 Gaby Hernandez discussed the links between the use of gang injunctions by City government and gentrification plans. She also outlines several of the many issues associated with the Cal Gangs Database, that includes entering false information into the database about alleged gang members. All parts: -Part 4: – Part […]

Most Valuable Pimp’s founders on the infamous corner of Harvard & Washington in Los Angeles (pt.3)

Most Valuable Gangster Crips | March 25, 2021 Most Valuable Pimps founders, Alibob and Big Ski talks about the conflict with EWF (Every Womens Fantasy) and the are of Harvard & Washington where Crips where starting to sell drugs in an area frequented by Bloods. Watch All parts: -Part 1: – Part 3: -SUBSCRIBE to Street […]

Playboy Boy Gangster Crips adjacent to expensive Beverly Hills, Beverlywood & Pico-Robertson communities(pt.7) | March 19, 2021 Louise Keene talks about how the low income area of Cadillac-Corning where the Play Boy Gangster Crips are located, drew attraction from law enforcement and the Los Angeles City’s attorney’s office for the first Gang Injunction in 1987. Louise Keene cited Ana Muniz’s research in his recent article on the […]

Madd Ronald on going to prison in 1987 and last time in 2006 (pt.9)

Madd Ronald on prison life | March 19, 2021 Madd Ronald from Rollin 20s Bloods talks about first time going to prison in 1987 at the age of 20 and then returning back to the prison for the last time in 2006 at nearly 40 years old. He talks about the lessons he learned in his last visit to […]

Dre 5 is fresh out after fighting case for 3-years (pt. 1)

Dre 5 from East Coast Crips

STREETGANGS.COM | March 11, 2021 Back in 2017 Dre5 went viral with his song he performed for Street TV in an interview about his life as a 59 East Coast Crips. A few days later he got arrested in Compton and was in the Los Angeles County jail for the past 3-years. You can check […]

9th Circuit Court rules Orange County gang injunction unconstitutional & grants attorneys $3 million (pt.8)

Gaby Hernandez

STREETGANGS.COM | March 11, 2021 Attorneys won $3 million and $5 million in a gang injunction law suit in Orange County, California against District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. The 9th Circuit court found that the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the city of Orange violated the U.S. Constitution by enforcing a gang injunction without giving […]

Lil Sodi talks about performing first raps in prison (pt. 4)

Lil Sodi

STREETGANGS.COM | March 11, 2021 Lil Sodi from Eight Tray gangster Crips talks about rapping after he started singing and performing his raps in prison. Lil Sodi has new songs with Afroman, Joe Moses and others. –Listen to Street TV Podcast-Apple Podcast: podcast: addict: **************************************–SUBSCRIBE to Street TV: […]

Jayo Felony looks forward to working with Mitchy Slick for the City of San Diego (pt. 9)

Jayo Felony

STREETGANGS.COM | March 9, 2021 Jayo Felony talks about ending racism in 2021. Jayo Felony talks about touring abroad and getting more love from the foreign fan base than from the fans in the United States of America. Jayo stated that he would love to collaborate with Joyner Lucas, Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar. In […]

Mister CR explains why he doesn’t function with the Eastside Hustler Crips anymore (pt.1)

Mister CR

Interview of Mister CR by Alex Alonso

MVP’s first beef was with the EWFs (Every Women’s Fantasy) (pt.3)

Most Valuable Pimp's founders

Most Valuable Pimp’s founders

Most Valuable Pimps formed in a small neutral pocket around other Blood gangs (pt. 2)

Most Valuable Pimps

WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER February 25, 2021 Alibob and Big Ski talk about how the Most Valuable Pimps formed on LaSalle Avenue in a small neutral pocket surrounded by the Rollin 20s Bloods and Black P Stones. They also talk about Chipper (RIP) from Mansfield and his influence during the early formation of the MVPs. All […]

Original Crip Chita on growing up in Q102 Crips with several original Crips (pt. 3)

Donna "Chita" Graham

Donna “Chita” Graham speaking on OG Crip Ricky Silas, Michael “Fast Black” Tobin, and Craig Craddock and the original Q102 East Coast Crips. The Q102 and Main Street were rivals during the late 1970s. To listen to the entire episode of Donna Graham, visit Episode of the Street TV podcast by Alex Alonso. We releases […]

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