Isaac Pedroza on his murder conviction being overturned

Isaac Pedroza

Isaac Pedroza talks about getting his murder conviction overturned. By Staff Writer | January 17, 2021 Isaac Pedroza was convicted of murder allegedly ordered by Mexican Mafia member, Eulalio “Lalo” Martinez, of Donald “Pato” Schubert from his prison cell at Pelican Bay back in 1998. Ten years later, while visiting is parole officer, Pedroza […]

Will Jayo Felony & Mitchy Slick collaborate on a track for San Diego?

S-Bone & Hoodie Hood

STREETGANGS.COM | January 07, 2021 Hoodie Hood from Rollin’ 40s Crips in Southeast San Diego and S-Bone from Rollin’ 40s Crips in South Los Angeles talk about the potential collaboration between Jayo Felony and Mitchy Slick on a track. Jayo Felony is the most popular and successful Crip out of San Diego and Mitchy Slick, […]

Carl Doulas on Dijon Kizzee getting shot 15 times by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy

Carl Douglas on Dijon Kizzee

STREETGANGS.COM | January 07, 2021 Carl Douglas In this part 10, Alex Alonso talks with Carl Douglas about Dijon Kizzee, who was shot 15 to 19 times by a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy when a gun fell from the cloths he was carrying after running from and then getting into a physical altercation with Mr. […]

Reggie Wright Jr; from Compton Police to Death Row Records, Street TV podcast episode #8

Reggie Wright Jr.

STREETGANGS.COM | January 07, 2021 The Reggie Wright interview that we did in 2019 has been re-edited as Episode #8 on the Street TV podcast. There are video portions of this interview available on out Youtube Channel, but the podcast version of this interview is the entire episode with that include unreleased portions of the […]

Eastside Hustler Crip on FBI is watching your Instagram posts

STREETGANGS.COM | December 08, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Mister CR had the FBI knock on his door after he posted negative posts in Instagram. He also talks about the other artists he has worked with including Tray Deee. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on […]

Tour the demolition site of the Jordan Downs Housing projects and new construction (pt.1of2)

STREETGANGS.COM | December 07, 2018 WATTS – The first phase the the Jordan Downs redevelopment is in full effect. The old factory that sat in the center of the projects was demolished and 3-storys townhouse style homes are nearly completed. The second phase will see the rest of the projects demolished. E-Rocc from Grape Street […]

Slauson Village member becomes a Flip at Edison Junior High School in LA (pt.1of2)

STREETGANGS.COM | December 06, 2018 Walter Watson, 73, was born in Bryan, Texas just outside of Houston. His family moved to Los Angeles during the late 1950s and as a teenager he enrolled in Edison Junior High School. Around 1959 or 1960 he became a member of the club, Slauson Village. To listen to the […]

Fruit Town Brim on being raised in foster care and juvenile hall systems (pt.1of2

STREETGANGS.COM | November 30, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Tiny Stretch, 27, became a member of the Fruit Town Brims after connecting with others in the foster care and juvenile hall systems. He talks about his experience in Los Padrinon juvenile hall and visits to the California prison. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach […]

Pretty Boy attended Horace Mann Junior High during 1970s when Cripping was intense (pt.3of3)

STREETGANGS.COM | August 31, 2018 SOUTH LOS ANGELES – Pretty Boy first lived on the Eastside of Los Angeles as Raymond Washington’s neighbor, but his family moved west, to 67th Street & Western. He also attended the legendary Horace Mann Junior High School (now Horace Mann Middle School) during the mid 1970s when Crippin’ was […]

Brian “WaterHead Bo” Bennett & Colombian Villabona arrested for trafficking kilos of cocaine in 1988

Dost Siteler : viagraviagra satis STREETGANGS.COM | August 27, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Brian “Water Head Bo” Bennett, 24 was arrested November 19, 1988 for his role in the trafficking of 1,000 kilos of cocaine into Los Angeles every week from Colombia with his connect, Colombia-born, Mario Ernesto Villabona-Alvarado, 29, an alleged member of the […]

Pueblo talks on conflict with Blood Stone Villains, Varrio 38th Street, and Oriental Boys

Dost Siteler : viagraviagra sat?s STREETGANGS.COM | November 30, 2018 Studder Box speaks on the various conflicts that the Pueblos Bishop Bloods had with the Blood Stone Villain, Varrio 38th Street and Oriental Boyz that were in the Pueblo Del Rio projects. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of […]

Exotic Family City Crip at childhood home on Eastside Long Beach, Cambodia Town (pt.1of2)

  Dost Siteler : viagraviagra satis STREETGANGS.COM | November 29, 2018 LONG BEACH – We met Vee Bo (VBO) five years ago in Long Beach when we did our first interview with him but we decided to catch up with him again to see what he has been up to. From East Long Beach, Cambodia […]

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