Pedro Espinoza is sentenced to death for the murder of Jamiel Shaw

STREETGANGS.COM | March 30, 2013

LOS ANGELES – In 2008, Pedro Espinoza, 19, shot and killed Jamiel Shaw, 17, during a chance encounter on 5th Avenue where Shaw lived. Espinoza had saw Shaw walking on 23rd Street and noticed him to be a Blood gang member, a rival to the gang Espinoza was from, 18th Street. After an exchange of words, Espinoza shot shot Shaw twice.

Espinoza was convicted of 1st degree murder with special circumstance (death penalty eligible) and was sentenced to death by the judge upon recommendation of a jury.

Espinoza is currently on San Quentin awaiting execution. He is the youngest person on death row.

Edited by: Rafael Gamboa
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Date: November 2, 2012

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4 Comments for “Pedro Espinoza is sentenced to death for the murder of Jamiel Shaw”

  1. guy

    Thats not fair. They are being more racist than pedro espinosa. Due to the fact ive seen many cases of a black person going to trial for simaliar things and they get a way better sentence.


    U sound dumb who ever u r that’s what the f his blank het fin spick though he wasent gonna get caught trying to prove something now he’s gonna live hahah that’s what he get

  3. Martin

    He went out looking for trouble and when he found it he dealt with it by k-ingg someone. He was an adult and you can’t argue with his sentence

  4. Mark

    He deserved it. BTW remember Tookie Williams also got death

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