Val Verde park 13

Val Verde park 13

3 Comments for “Val Verde park 13”

  1. Vbfx3

    Val verde park 13 f#@$k ki*l eat

    • SP00KING

      What a f#@$kin fail claimer fool writes the “VBFX3” comments and the VALVERDE comments haha lame blank motherf#@$ker

  2. F!cc vvp

    The drugs changed u vatos that’s why ur whole gang fell apart because u disliked on the next mans success. You guys would shoot at each other, that’s why ur gang isn’t strong because you all beef it amongst one another, not only that once the drugs came in the neighborhood, you becoming the main consumers versus distributing, you smoked it and smoked out ur “homies”. None of you are real friends, that’s why those who left Val Verde Park 13 Gang left and never came back. Words coming from an OG.

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