18th Street – Pico & Union

18th Street – Pico & Union: is a predominately Latino street gang today but started out mostly Latino with non-Latino members. This is the first 18th Street gang ever established and they started when Clanton 14 was real dominate in the area. The 18th Street gang came into prominence during the summer of 1966 on the corner of 18th Street & Arapahoe.

Clanton 14 was dominate in the area east of Hoover Avenue and these young teenagers who lived just west of Hoover decided to create their own identity. Clanton did not embrace these kids who were all born in 1950 and 1951 so they decided to grow this new 18th Street identity.

Some of the early founders included Beto, Eddie Boy, Goofy, Indio, Penguin, Rocky Glover, Tank and Toro. Rocky Glover actually lived on the corner of 18th Street and Arapahoe, the main hangout area for this new gang.

More on 18th Street gang.

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