Real Pinoy Brothers

Real Pinoy Brothers

16 Comments for “Real Pinoy Brothers”

  1. #sergtookher instagram

    pinoy store undrest,.com

    #sergtookher instagram check out this rat boy hates all asian dating a half pinoy/italiano chica easy dope goods to take enjoy

  2. J13Smiley

    f PEANUT BUTTERS! Y’all were just a bunch of fobs!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 52 Oriental Boyz cK

    suwhooop to rpb

    much love 52 obz remember bacK in the dayz them dayz was BRACKIN

  4. Cloudy

    The Big bro Wonder from RP was a rep in the county jail most of you commenting are known .P lol watch out

  5. NGFG

    Hey Molina who got you

  6. NGFG

    Hey J13SMiley who got you and won’t do nothing…

  7. RPB

    Pay back were done but no reason to brag about it.

    • Tiger

      Lmao quit lying, RPB never put in any work. RPB was literally the weakest pinoy set in all of LA history…f in PINOY HISTORY…..even weak blank OGB in SD has more respect than RPB and aint no one or they mama fear or respect OGB.

  8. J13Smiley

    No peanut butter ever did ish to ANYBODY!!!!!!! Them motherfers were just fobs tryin to click up with Jefrox and ishstains cuz they were all marks!!!

  9. CRSN 817

    W$ D817BIE Cr1P 212 rpbK

  10. Rich

    f all you chickes rpb las vegas 94- present

  11. Realpinoybrotherdalycity650pinoypride

    U internet thugs talk so much smaCK about the rpb in scrap cali .. cklicking with the Mexican lol that’s funny having the blue flags lol .. the real rpb won’t take ish from anyone or act like internet thug .. like u other click ..I’m too say fob …., stand for .. fkkkkkkkkkk off chickesssssk

  12. 818.Double-P

    RPB Still active in the San Fernando Valley? What city?

  13. Sleepy Sur XIII

    Straight out form Orange County 562 area RPB 13 Sur Por Vida errdayyy

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