Judas 13

Judas 13

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  1. Salutations!
    I would like to join your gang, i feel like i would be a great addition to your Asian family. My mother makes great sushi and i know some Tea Kwan Do. Hope to hear from you soon!
    -Christopher Salazar! <3

  2. Judas13Smiley

    Who cares if your mom makes great sushi. That’s not needed to be a PROUD gangster!! We also NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL take requests to join. Only .P gangs accepted people that just wanted to join, trynna look cool…….. Get some street cred first!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Astoria Garden Locos

      We’re fighting and k-ingg your homeboys.
      Your homeboys just run, duck for cover, snitch and hide.
      You chickes ain’t got the balls to ride.

    • J13Smiley

      You NEVER did ish to my hood!! We never had any nipps in it!

    • C los

      Judas13 smiley
      what?? Do i know who you are?

      We the OG J13 foo

    • C los

      I dont know what the hell you are talking about
      Viet being in the J13
      We are the We are the valley side J13
      Sigue sigue commando the LA side

      • The Truth

        you probably don’t know cause your old blank got in 1987 and retired 1988.

        judas had a few vietnamese 90’s before your hood lived out. a few of them were doing time for home invasions in 818.

        you guys had a bunch of non flips even white boys.

        • JackerOne AHS Mission Hills 149 Blocc

          Thats right….Asians n whites mixed in to one big mixed Asian Terror Squad its why they were superior to bigger cliques… Most of them was mixed … They didnt just go down for home vades ……thats an underrated statement.

    • G Monster107HCG

      if yall asian why 13 in yall nkame Hoover did it

      • yum yum jollibee

        pinoy gang

        a lot of pinoy gangs have the 13

        some were sur. most were stoner gangs.

        you gotta remember that a lot of these pinoy gangs started when 13 stood for marijuana not necessarily sureno.

        met some viet guys from judas back in the days (j13 lived out by mid 90’s) and they were claiming JDS for judas no 13.

        • JackerOne AHS Mission Hills 149 Blocc

          Naw man…its because there was only 13 of them…They used to be Dirty Dozen.A lot of your history is incorrect.


          Judas 13 lived out mid 90’s.

          there might have been a few guys claiming it by late 90’s but very few and weren’t doing much.

        • john

          Do you still know anyone from J13 from back in the days ? Is it still around ?

  3. NICK


  4. JackerOne AHS Mission Hills 149 Blocc

    Judas 13 is the downest click I know…Only thirteen members…they would be at 50 to 1 odds when they got down and still caused fear in the 818…they were tough and intimidated many. I chilled with them many occasions ,I was friends with them …I am AHS a click started by RPB…we said f RPB and I kept my ties with Judas because they were truly down and werent a bunch of FOBS …I never liked red anyway!RPB shudda thought about blastin on me …so f em.This Mission Hills fo life !peace to Smiley and the Homies from Judas!

  5. J13Smiley

    Do I know you JackerOne or anyone you chilled with????? Yeah, nobody liked them fin fobs RPB or what we called them, PEANUT BUTTERS!!!!

    • Jacker

      Yeah bro I knew Sad Boy ..I was there when Shane got put on …Mcdonalds boy remember me? I am half white…my baby momma was psycho…lol remember?

  6. michride

    Judas were cool with me. Where is the homie Danny Jackson? He was cool with me…

  7. J13Smiley

    Who are you michride??? Daniel Jackson aka Mr. SADBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jacker one AhS Mission Hills

      That’s the homey ..I met him when he tagged with a big blank rock ready to f me and the homey up luckily before Judas he was from a friendly crew DAM.ShyBoy aka Sad Boy…He was a good friend and honorable…always showed respect in my house ,my parents loved him always respectful but yet down for his ish and would never hesitate to back his hood. …I remember he slapped a fool silly …lol..I was real close to getting in.I’m Conrad btw I lost contact with him

      • Jacker one AhS Mission Hills

        Lol my Dad had a crazy mustache…He liked you guys chilling around the house…Joker RPB used to call my house and threaten us and we would laugh. my pops was like f you RPB come on down!!! so he grabbed his rifle and posted up..haaha Those were the days

    • michride

      I went to elementary with him and so on. How is he doing? I remember him being nice to me.

  8. Realist 818

    I can’t believe these gangs are still around? I see posts from 2016….

  9. spade

    i knew the OG Judas 13 , they used to be down with TBS The Boys and LVM
    Comedy, RYU, Blade, . Yeah they had some white boys in J13 but those white boys where down. Everybody kicked it back in the day ABB, LVM, Judas, The Boys

  10. Back In The Day

    Spade, what neighborhood did you ride with? Seems you know the things that were popping off back in the day. But The Boys and Judas 13 really didnt get along. Judas 13 would kiss blank to The Boys. There were a lot gangs in the area back then, aside from ABB, LVM, JUDAS 13 and THE BOYS. You also had FLIP SIDE GANG, FLIP SIDE 13, NS BAHALANA GANG, AHKRO PINOYS, TROPANG HUDAS, KOREAN BOYS, and REBEL BOYS. REAL PINOY BROTHERS, LUZON VISYAN MOB and ASIAN BOYS came a little after.

    THE BOYS been in the valley the longest. They started out as a breaking crew called Junior Majestics (JMC), back in 84-85. They were one of the vicious gangs in the valley. Wasnt from there but hung with them and know their history from A-Z. The guy who started Asian Bad Boys was from THE BOYS, Rickey Dones. Rest In Peace Ronnel Q. Aka MOUSEY TBS.

  11. New Life

    Grew up with a bunch of old Judas OG’s… we were just a bunch of peewees back then… anyone ever know what happened to Shy Boy or Riot… used to be real close with them, haven’t seen or heard from anyone in 20 years…

  12. PinoyG

    Yo…what’s up with Trooper from J13?

  13. WestSide

    Ronell Queston aka Mousie from The Boys. You must go way back if you know him. And JMC. If you know TBS came from the Junior Majestic Crew, then you definitely go way back. And without question, The Boys was one of the most notorious gangs in the valley. Judas 13 was scared of TBS. TBS put in work. They used to go at it with North Hollywood Boyz and all of the pacas gangs because they were clicked up to Vineland Boys and West Side Criminals. THe Boys was cool with Rebel Boys and Luzan Visyan Mob back then. Asian Bad Boys kissed their blank.

    • Mike Maxim

      Judas 13 was founded back in 85-86 and is the most respected, smartest and roughest crew in the San Fernando Valley and had chapters in LA County, SF and even Florida. The founders were Angel, Rambo and Slick. These 3 were very respected and till this day still talked about. 1 vs. 5 was no sweat for JDS as most were martial artist, x-military and very good fighters. Judas 13 is alive and well and always watching, listening and protecting their own. fyi, J13 kissed blank to no one. Peace and Love my brothers. God Bless and Jesus is our Savior.

  14. 818.Double-P

    J13 still active in San Fernando Valley? What city?

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