Avalon 40s Crips

Avalon 40s Crips is a predominately African-American street gang on the eastside of South Los Angeles near Avalon & Martin Luther King Blvd. They are closely aligned with the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips and the 88 Avalon Gardens Crips.

Deceased members of 40s Avalon Crip

  1. Lil Cyco ( – 1996)

14 Comments for “Avalon 40s Crips”

  1. Harrd Times

    Real 40s know that their only , three guys that started the 40 crips,two are dead and one is still a live , can anyone tell me who they are?, and I’ll know if your a real 40 crip, I’ll give you guys a hint, the two that are dead are toe-joe and donzale and they from the western side!

  2. Jay Sly

    Bo Bo … From Ozone.

    • big boo Amanda byoune andre byoune

      Anybody get in contact wit bo bo tell him that big boo brother andre “Byoune” Amanda byoune hit me 360 980-8155 facebook

  3. terridon

    Yo Times, your hoe azz mother, her pimp and her probation office started the 40’s ,,you a fake azz cop,getting his rocks off hanging withg’s ……. i have yo hoe mama two dollars for some brain and the chick still owe me 1.50 in change…its me your daddy motha I dont likea Hahahaha fifty twok grxxve street cuh.

  4. James Henderson

    boosie-locc 760 819-9579

  5. lacaligurl

    Marcel “G-Cell” Thomas, I Love You Baby!!! Mad Respect Goes Out To You…

  6. El P

    I know cell. We were at Carver in Band together. he played drums and I played trumpet. we both were the best at what we did in the school

    • El P

      i know Marcel. We were both in Band at Carver. He was on drums and me on trumpet. We were the best in the school at what we did. Plus he was a Unique Domino

      • OG Si

        Unique Dominos? As in the Dominos who were a pop lock group back in the 80s?? what do you know about them? I use to break and pop against them in Hollywood back in the day.

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