The many wives of Termaine Ashley Williams, the Fake Luce Cannon

By Alex A. Alonso for Streetgangs.Com | January 29, 2024 | 9:21 a.m.

Termaine Williams has been on the scene for many years, using the name of a real music producer and writer by the name of Luce Cannon. The real Luce Cannon started in the music business during the late 1980s when Termaine was just a little boy, but somewhere during the between 2006 and 2009 he stole the name of Luce Cannon and began to claim some of his actual accolades as his.

You can find the real Luce Cannon on Facebook

Williams recently went viral for a No Jumper interview he gave where he claimed that he was in a sexual relationship with Shaunie O’Neal (Henderson) and that she provided him with $50,000. Williams told this salacious story while sitting with Charisse Mills, a woman that he identified as his wife. Williams stated that Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife was his “sugar mama” and that their intimate relationship occurred two weeks before her marriage to pastor Keion Henderson in 2022.

Termaine Williams and Charisse Mills on Tasha K show, January 2024

On a recent interview Williams and Mills gave for Tasha K, the couple not only claimed that they are currently married, they completely rejected the claims that Jasmine “Gigi” Adams was ever Williams’ wife. They continued to tell Tasha K that the wedding certificate that Adams has produced from Clark County, Nevada, dated Juy 17, 2020, if fabricated because it has hand written entries. Williams also claimed in this interview that his marriage to Mills, is his first and only marriage that he has ever had.

Jasmine “Gigi” Adams interviews with Alex Alonso about her marriage to the fake Luce Cannon (Termaine Williams)

Upon further examination into the marriage certificate that Adams has produced, we were able to confirm that her marriage to Williams did occur on July 17, 2020 and that the certificate is authentic. A search of their marriage on the Clark County Clerk’s website reveals the exact information that is stated on the marriage certificate. What this simple search also reveals, something that none of the previous hosts that interviewed this couple ever thought to do, is that Termaine Williams was actually married on three different occasions in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marriage certificate of Termaine Williams and Jasmine Adams, July 17, 2020

On March 3, 2004 we learned that Williams, 21, married LaKenya Burnett Bailey in Las Vegas. At the time of their marriage they already had two sons together. Bailey, filed for divorce on May 3, 2005 and followed that up with a restraining order against Williams on May 17, 2005. She has alleged domestic abuse in their marriage and the San Bernardino County Superior Court granted full custody of the two children (Justin and Jaden Williams) to Bailey. The court also ordered Williams that he cannot have any visitation with his two kids until he attended court mandated mediation.

Marriage certificate between Termaine Williams and LaKenya Baily, 2004

His second marriage was to Carnekia Robinson on February 7, 2010. When Williams, 27, married Robinson, she was already pregnant from a previous relationship but Williams adopted that baby as his and then had two additional children with her born in 2012 and 2014. Robinson filed for divorce in 2019 after enduring several years of domestice violence incidents, including one altercation that left her in the hospital with a town ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).

Marriage certificate between Termaine Williams and Carnekia Robinson, 2010

On one occasion, Williams had his second wife arrested for trespassing when she entered a house through a window that they were both living in. He told the police that he wanted to press charges against his wife. By 2019, Williams had abandoned his children and started a new relationship with soon to be wife number three, Jasmine “GiGi” Adams. By this time he was the father of five children.

Termaine Williams and Gigi in 2020. Notice the “Gigi” tattoo on the back of his left hand.

Williams and Adams got married on July 17, 2020 at the Stained Glass Chapel in Las Vegas. In 2021, Adams gave birth to Williams’ sixth child, Legacy Williams, but while she was pregnant, Adams learned that Williams was in a sexual relationship Blac Chyna (Angela White). After a domestic violence incident at the hands of Williams, Adams filed for divorce on May 11, 2022. That divorce has not been finalized.

Termaine Williams in hospital with his wife Jasmine “Gigi” Adams during the birth of their daughter Legacy in 2021

Termaine Williams has been dating Charisse Mills since May of 2022 and if they are married, she would be his fourth wife. They would also be involved in a bigamist marriage, a felony in the State of Nevada punishable by up to four years in the Nevada Department of Corrections. Even though Mills and Williams are currently living together in the State of Nevada, we could not find any evidence of a marriage certificate between them with the Clark County Clerk’s office.

As of 2024 Williams is not in the lives of any of his six children and he has not met his financial obligations to his three previous wives. In multiple interviews Williams has denied his previous marriages and his children. His first two children are now young adults.

You can search for marriages that have occurred in Las Vegas and Clark County here:

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