Tupac Assassination DVD

Tupac Assassination DVD

Tupac Sakur


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Tupac: Assassination is a 2 DVD disk set that discusses the killing of Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas. It debunks that idea that Compton gang member from South Side Compton Crip, Orlando Anderson, was the shooter, but attempts to draw a picture that Suge Knight orchestrated the hit and used Anderson as a patsy.

Disc One, subtitled “Conspiracy or Revenge,” explains how Shakur’s murder fits all the hallmarks of a typical political assassination, by drawing on past assassinations.

The DVDs includes interview of Michael Moore, Tupac’s bodyguard, Leila Steinberg, Frank Alexander, Brent Becker from the Las Vegas PD,business associate Tracy Robinson, and Shakur’s aunt Gloria Cox.

Producer: Frank Alexander
Director: RJ Bond (Richard Bond)

Produced: Bond Age Film & Step N’ Up Enterprises
Running Time: 83 minutes

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