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Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips [RFC, R. 40s NHC] are a predominately African-American street gang located in South Los Angeles from the community of Leimert Park (west) to the 110 Freeway (east) between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (north) and Vernon Avenue (south). They have four main clicks, going from west to east, the Avenues, Western Side from Arlington to Normandie, Park Side from Normandie to Vermont and the Dark Side from Vermont Avenue to the 110 Freeway.

Rollin 40s Crips

Vermont Square Park in South LA

Vermont Square Park in South LA

Deceased members of Rollin 40s Crips

  1. Ernest Crayton ( – Oct 2, 2006), shot five times, twice in the head near Western & Vernon, Christopher “Ce-Loc” Mathis and Akil Robbins from 76 East Coast Crips were convicted in this case
  2. Joseph “40 Jo” Gilbert, (Nov 21, 1983 – Nov 25, 2005), stabbed to death at a party in the Jungles in South LA.
  3. Tiny Bad Guy 4
  4. Tiny Crip Crazy, 33 (Edwin Van Joshua) (January 8, 1980 – August 4, 2013), was shot and killed in the parking lot of an establishment located at 11125 S. Western Avenue in South Los Angeles. This homicide kicked off the rivalry with the Rollin 60s Crips.
  5. Dark Blue
  6. Baby E
  7. Tiny Hard Head
  8. Elija Vincent “Hoodsta Al” Phillips (February 17, 1998 – June 8, 2022), shot in the chest at the shopping center at 4279 S Vermont Avenue
  9. Martin Gregory “Iron Man” Brown, 37 (September 3, 1982 – March 8, 2020), shot and killed near 2719 W. Vernon Ave. in Leimert Park.
  10. Jay Stone
  11. Johnny “KD” Cox, 31 (Jan. 12, 1984 – Jan. 11, 2016), shot and killed on Vernon Ave near Western Ave one day before his 32nd birthday.
  12. Precious “Lady 4” Reed, 30 (March 13, 1992 – May 11, 2022) suffered a gun shot wound to the head.
  13. Tiny P
  14. Orangae “S Bone” Moffet, 46 (February 10, 1977 – August 16, 2023), his lifeless body was found on residential street in Rio Linda, Sacramento County.
  15. Lil Taco
  16. Touchette
  17. Lil Touchette
  18. Baby Touchette
  19. Gary D. “Twin” Dorton, 48 (February 12, 1970 – July 1, 2018), shot and killed on the 4500 block S. Van Ness Ave.
  20. Edwin Van Joshua, 33 (January 8, 1980 – August 4, 2013)

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  1. Ray

    Do the Rolling 40s have beef with Hang Out Boys? I heard a rap song on YouTube from some Rolling 40s Crips and they said something about Hang Out Busters. The only thing I could think of was that it was a reference to HOB 13. I know HOB has beef with another Crip gang, that being 43 Gangster Crip.

    • Lil Db

      Yeah. They ked baby down f them!

    • rollin40

      Rollin 40s Ni66ah not rolling 40s chick get it right or f off

    • idkme

      smart kids believe everything they hear on the radio when its just to sell records….if you dont know about gangs then dont ask!!!!!

      • Gaithersburg Police Training School

        Our taxdollars will fund the good police and courts for dealing with street crime and gangs that want to take over our neighborhoods. We are at a critical time when police and courts will need the public’s help in cleaning up our society. We want to thank you for your service!

  2. XLS

    yeah we have beef but not ass strong since the begining in “07” but still no pass to the hangout bustas

  3. CM

    Dont waste ya life

  4. XLS

    vernon avenue 42nd street elementary….tiny loc LIGHTxSIDE crip’s…..OWS.VSP.ODS 4xLife stiLL187umbpslobk

    • $40s use to be brims in the early 70s, what happen, yall became transforms or what? Yall the only hood that change gang ties ,like I change my shorts. and if you real a 40 crip name the three frist 40 crips ever in yall hood (, hint) two are dead, and one is still alive who are they?

      • lil Jay Capone2

        R40s never was Bkrims but had Bkrims on Dalton and Vernon in the late 70s and the early 80s until all the side to rollin 40s form together chasing them out in the mid 80s.

  5. atakins81

    i neva heard of no 40bkrimz u got yo factz wrong hardtyme it wuz just th@ da LA Bkrimz went down Vermont but they lived out & turned n2 FTBk & 62Bkrimz & da 4Tray Hoovaz wuz goin through da Darksidez so dont post any smart stuff please i hope u dont Bkang on HARLEM u need2 learn yo hood history

    • Ni66ah dont try to front you a transformer, I was rasied in the 40s , now either man up or get out the way of black peace, we anit try to k black soilder anymore ,thats ishs for real hoze!

      • idkme

        hahahaahahaha ur funny

        • lil j capone

          That generation had went to the pen or left the hood to the generation that form 40s now. We never transform we always been that hard ass set you see before you now. Knocking 43 snoover and the dalton gangster brims off the seem.

  6. Shut up buster ass fool 40s dont deal with sucka like you , banging on the net and they anit with that crab ish blood, I”m from the ave’s blood 40s 3rd ave bloods.

  7. i hate crips

    i was beat up by a crab member for no reason, got robed, and broke my bones. . . i will fin him, break his legs and face,k the motherfer without a trace, sprea the word Wankstahs

    • EastBaltimore Chris

      He lyin bout gettin beat up and robbed, probably some tricc donkey ass county Ni66ah bangin from his computer

  8. Blunts&PagerS

    sHY cas……..

  9. Blunts&PagerS


  10. Blunts&PagerS

    naked dead italian GANGSteRs…….

  11. Blunts&PagerS

    winDshiELd prOBLEm

  12. Blunts&PagerS


  13. Blunts&PagerS

    public hangings + gun sHOOToutS………

  14. Bk Chkumks

    I dont like All Enemies Cuhk 40 Avenue Crip Bk 3k hk gk I dont like Stains And all they dead hkomies I dont like trampks and I dont like dicc liccs vernon avenue dummy

    • Crazy Avenue 40's XL'N

      And F#%K girlies 40 Avenues tramp hk girlie k stain k snoever 1 time k uc 187 informant k yo gkangk k whkite bkoy k everybody K Bkig Crazy Avenue Vernon Dictator Origkinal Ninja Turtle 1 F’s 2 deathk Aye XL Rollin 4’s up and F#%K friends I gkot my locs so F#%K yo gkangk 40’s Ni66ah

    • WestSide52Broadway

      I dont like Spolive Naps Cuzz

    • Lil Chino SS.EFE X111 LS MNS

      f foneys yall levas crossed out the hood on king and van ness the homie stays over there! and we went backand chased one of your lil homies down 41st this big bad FLOENCIA 13 LOCOS TKS come to the varrio 71st and brynhurst and get the chesse toast treatment CK LIL CHINO from that F gang and it’s not Foneys it’s FLORENCIA! NHD LS TKS MNS FX111

      • Dark Blue

        Ni66ah cut it out F13 was I dont likeing with homies in the Feds cuz we all know them Ni66ahs in Rollin. Frog, Cat , Boxer all them Ni66ahs

      • Blaze1

        shut up flower tortilla, ,,yawl ain’t done shxt ,paccman shot yo homie,lol,,,,or when the I13s shot yo homie on victorIA and florence, ,,,,,what happened to your boy Debo,that one flower who stayed by the mobile in the pink apts,, I’m the one who got him,,shouldn’t of been hitting up bigger k on brynhurst, haha,yawl stay hiding in those apts lol,, ,,don’t come on 7th st,this are hood wetbac

      • marcos

        Taco…..f you fraud ass chick !!!! you aint nothing but a higafart

  15. Bk Chkumks

    F.I.P Taco cuhkz

  16. CK Stomper F13 LS

    f these lame ass fonkys! v.F X111 LS MDS 71st and west blvd! all day CK

  17. Stomper F13 LS

    40K We been bustin on these crabs the whole week! qvo to the homies from that big bad FLORENCIA TRECE LOCOS TOKERS CLICKA! 71ST and WEST BLVD Soy stomper chino Lil chino Menace fatal shorty grumpy baby giggles free Lil Travieso f faketeens 40’s chesse toast twatts any body k!

  18. HKcity98MSMC


  19. Harrd Times

    I’m back my young ridas, and this a new year for peace in the hoods and for all yall not with ,just kick back and let our people live.

  20. Trayboyyy

    I dont like nappzk c crazy rest in peace Mansfield Gangsta Crip Mxvin3x

  21. Trayboyyy

    C craze rest in piss MFGmxvin3XCRIP

  22. Blue raggg da loc

    C craze rest in piss 40k unit mxvin on MFG3X

  23. Blue raggg da loc

    C craze rest in piss chick nap on nap man bash the same MFGC3Xmxvin

  24. Blue raggg da loc

    I dont likec craze in pissy dippers rashes MxVIN GANG 3x DiD iT

  25. dalton

    Dalton been round since the 76 an the 40 had brims everywhere till the 90, i knows i lived on haldale,brighten , dalton, vernon, denker, all between 42 an 41,i went to normandy ave school, then forshay. then manual arts,I knows wasnt no 40 s erickets back in the days

    • AJ

      You are so right Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips alot those youngsters don’t know this ish the Brims was all over the Neighborhood way way before the crips I to went to normanlive ave school, then foshay. then manual arts, way back in the days at Vermont square parks there was player pimps & bank robbers ,the big homie Step/ RIP,June Bug these cats rob banks, as far as 40s Danzel Dhanwan Wharry RIP put 40s on the map as for 46 HotDog and Toejo did that Both RIP.

    • lil j Capone

      Daltonk got pushk bkacc in the early 80 to the vngk I dont like boy.
      Know what your talking about bke for you speak on my turf.And for the ones that don’t know we are hood takers

  26. Dolphin

    Sup with the 40/60 fall-out,i hear 40 rippin em up,no jell required..smh. Let me know…

  27. Lil smoke

    I dont like all bks I dont like all flowerskk hk gk bks 3k I dont like all gkangks th@ aint w westside rollin 40 Neigkhkbkorhkood crip c’s up bk’s down crip til the death of me

  28. Big 83525840k

    #fact. Dem foneys n tha 60we homies west at a function coolin’. Im from SC but tha homie AD and tha homie Bone from 90we hit tha jacc n told me tha func. (Not sayin’ no names) Tha 40k Ni66ah jumped in while one of dey foneys n tha homies faded. One of tha homies pulled out n smoced tha homie. 100’s n 90’s tried to defuse tha ish but foneys wanna cone thru n shoot a chick n a smoca dat aint on set. N until u foney Ni66ahz get left den we bashin’ all yall Ni66ahz on site on 60 Crip. From SC, Cali, Texas, Detroit, Memphis, westeva. Foneys get no passes. Yall might as well join tha Happ Bashin’ movement n get how dey do on Nh. I dont like 40k, twinkeys, 83rds, sn52-112vas, IFGk, VNk, CMk. I dont like all ya dead homies west craccin’. S/o to Scatterbrain, FBone, Lil AD, Big AD, Tiny C Macc n tha homies Lady Tar Heel, Lady Knoccout, Big Slim n Big Bone from 90we. SIP Blu Shay on tha set. From SC to Cali.

    • Crazy Avenue 40's XL'N

      Ni66ah u bogus im a real 40’s Ni66ah I go bac u naming locs on line from other hkoods thkat if I said lets go they gone F#%K wit the loc I remember going 2 yo hkood when 2 of yo homies got chip’d in 98 I thought it was my loc so I came with 2 of my homies on 40’s yo homies was crying and didn’t want to do ish a bloc full of Ni66ahs so watch yo mouth cuz not one of my homies on yall page saying ish u dry snitch u might be an informate putting Ni66ahs names on line put yours on there so u can get yo issue and read the lines I ain’t knowing ish but it seems the streets do even on yo page Ni66ahs say yall getting the blues yall only tough when yall deep other than that boo boo except them real homies yall got that grew up in the hood. 4up Ni66ah

  29. hkfigkid

    These. Sissy disrespectful F#%Khkem this darc side F.C fig n king.

  30. Tiny Braindead

    I dont like Fonkies S.I.P Crafty Antonio Riley..

  31. King Ripper

    Man you Ni66ahs is clowns, real 40 Ni66ah on here we take no sshish from nobody . we are the land of conquerors , we took over so many hoods. uptown brims, dalton gansta brims, old dirty men, 43hoover, 41 ganstas we even took half of the vngs hood. And o boy from f 13 is a super chick. We wacced dat ish out. yall nevercame baby da foetys is really tda shot

    • Crazy Avenue 40's XL'N

      What up cousin peace to my young God. Slauson boy my lil cousins is big homies Ni66ah if only a smocer and Snoo ever else got hit u mighty pissed. Ni66ahs don’t operate like yo ___ ass I said ___ cuz yo area only produce foos and sissies you mighty mad Ni66ah keep that ish in the streets officer sissy the 40’s XL in self defense come on my side of town and remember u hate us 4 a reason we took yo big homies names they was it in the 80’s we expired that most disliked gang 4 up Ni66ah

  32. C-4

    Yea thkis C-4 FR0m thke F0etys iN TENNessee! DSC CliCC. Just lettiN it C NowN thkat We 0ut hkeRe. N aiNt NothkiN I dont likeiN wit thke 40’s out thkis sway! N thke 6 0wes is FrieNdly thkeN a MuFI dont likea out thkis Sway. I hkeaRd bkout thke bkeeF last year. It’s Nabkahk00d dowN thkis sway thkougkhk. 6 0wes doWN hkeRe doNt eveN No thke wax. Lol!!!! We just RolliN! Shkouts out to thke hkomies iN thke soil thkat I was bklessed to spkeek to ON the liNe thKRougkhk my hkomie lil daRC meNis iN TN. Supa LoC…bkabky gkooChk oN FacebkooC…N BR FRom thke paRC also thke hkomie Mowsey SNoo may still C loCCed away. 4 upk to all y’all!!!! KeepkiN it spk40ety always!!!! Nh…hk40dsta love!!!! 4 FaNgka gkaNgk OR doNt bkaNgk!!!!

  33. Crazy Avenue 40's XL'N

    Avenues dude

  34. Hk47dsta MIDNIGHKT


  35. Arxlingkton Bklue 3k

    40’sk Or Naything jus like thkat Hk Gk 3k Bk IfgbK BpsK VngK HgcK HcgK HpbK RtbK OTF Aves,Owes,VSP,DSC Just Like That SISSYKAY

  36. funky


  37. funky

    ALL FUNKIES BELONG IN THE BATH ALLOWING THE SISSIES 2 I dont like YALL, THE DIRTIES,piss stains who next should i tray treat you

  38. BPS 2nd ave Park

    40’s is the little brother of sissies . Yall need help Blood. BLACK- P- STONE 2nd AVE PARK BATTLE GROUND

    • Killmore Stains

      and whkat are tha stains yo lil hkomies is weac dont do no joints at all FC yall need hkelp thats why yall I dont like wit snoovas and trampks weird ass stain Ni66ah I dont like yo dead hkomies

  39. Killmore Stains

    Real 40 avenue membker Foetkys Over everythkang 06K

  40. Broadway's finest

    I dont like 4onkeys on 52BGC u Ni66ahs know the biz ok toastK we smoke napps

  41. Tr3y 5 SevenC0D3300blk

    Taco kz! 3300blk… 3x7CG , Snoova remova, I dont like boi Flower k’s , 9tramp kz.

  42. Nfant D.

    Naybkorhk40d Parccside Crppin 40s-100s 60K I dont like Snoovak trampsk stainsk bike Rimsk and fartGETSK We rich and we rollin cuhk 4s up till I go up and that’s on Crip. Just I dont like’d up a sissyk earlier rmao

  43. PLASMA

    BPS BLOODS Napp…….BASH !!

  44. pirate

    East side Forty street still a live

  45. dimeblocc6ostinyloc

    I dont like foetyks On six zero y’all are Lil homies y’all get y’all swag n extra outness from us there will Neva bk a peacetree just like the 3ks we everybody k and we still here y’all Ni66ahs betta team up and playball 3k 4k Bk pk HK VngK S.I.P Shadyhuçc N Craftyblu

  46. Tkiny johkerLohk

    Y’all Ni66ahs sound crazy 40s and 60s we cousins

  47. Visitor

    Are any of you speaking English? No wonder stereotypes are still alive in the 21st century. Go to school, get a job, and live life care-free without having to look over your shoulder, maybe even in a nice a neighborhood. Good luck!

  48. xnfantED

    on cr1p gang nifgkas aint pullin up on western & Vernon tiny lohks stay wit a ratchet ??????

  49. Bkaby Bkullet 46 Naybkahk46d cr1p

    I dont like all slobks Cuhks 40 Gang or don’t Bkang free LIL BKONE FREE 800 BKOY FREE CEBKO Thlis Bkaby Bkullet Naybkahk46d crop

  50. Avenue Angkel3k

    I dont like sissys Only Tha Foety’sk sissys bkoo bkoo in jail turnin down fades and all ya hkomie shooter bkoo bkoo dependin on tha hkood to protect cuhk in camp yall bketter stop it yall kno tha hk404648d knoccin yall down 40 avenues I dont like sissys 06K

  51. OG-Tote-40z

    R^iC^h R^olliN^ 40 Weskt-Skide 41skt Ave iN^ thiz BKitC^h loC^C^ … wanna tR^ipk … tR^y ya luC^C^ C^uzz

  52. Jacc johns

    We need to spread and move interstate then higher, want us to go far but can’t when we fighting cops and each other

  53. 4x10

    E/S RFC CUZ 47 N MARKET liveGO

  54. Low_key

    Who’s rollin 40s four main enemies

  55. police

    That’s right you smart ngs keep k-ingg eachother, back in the 60s when you were United we did all the k-ingg, now your doing it for us! We can just sit back and enjoy the show, dumb Ni66ahrs k-ingg other dumb Ni66ahrs over the neighborhoods we assigned them to!! I love it, keep up the good work

  56. police

    That’s right you smart nigs keep k-ingg eachother, back in the 60s when you were United we did all the k-ingg, now your doing it for us! We can just sit back and enjoy the show, dumb Ni66ahrs k-ingg other dumb Ni66ahrs over the neighborhoods we assigned them to!! I love it, keep up the good work !

  57. hoovagroova

    West side hoover criminal gang Ni66ah we crabk baskhin cuh on Hoover groove if any crab niiga want it it come get some of Manson family Ni66ah of boo Manson 94 Hoover cuh keep groovin til the world stop movin groove.

  58. Blaze1

    shut up u chick rice eating,k9 German Shepherd, ,bug soup eatin bxtches ,worry about logos and 20$ eatim yawl alive,,,,,foo

  59. Swervv 100

    Rip cheessy from rollin forties ,2-26-2016 43rd and Western. .belizean in peace f stains and vngk,,,,,

  60. Swervv 100

    Rip cheessy (Jermaine Williams) rolling 40z,,,Belizean in peace, 2-26-2016

  61. Swervv 100

    Rip cheessy aka Strong, Western side 40z,rip,belizean in peace

  62. Blz 2 LA

    This Rollin 40z Vs Rollin 60s ?

  63. Chris

    Can’t understand a fing word of what any of you are saying. Speak English or shut the f up.

  64. Bkig suicide

    Yall nigkgkas bkugginn on this my spoety 40s c bkangin on yall slobks I dont like
    Stains 3k bk hk ebk over mhere stop all this webk bkangin and take them slobs honey
    Out there nest

  65. Bkig suicide

    I dont like tramps

  66. swervv4800

    rip strong ws 40z,b3liz3an in peace,

  67. Boo thang

    So 40’s allow fruit town brims to set up shop in the hood.

    • Tiny knocc 23

      Y’all not even out on babies y’all want to come to the set and put ish on Instagram like 23s ain’t out here Ni66ah we out here and on baby’s IMA tell yah like I told the queer gang Ni66ahs the lil babies went 2-3 cars deep to y’all hood the other night and gave y’all some hot ish they had the telly with the hoes got drunk and off the pow wow and was ready 4k round 2 baby said they went it was like a desert or some ish..but they popped tho its f all foneys and they dead funkey ass bolives on baybays we crazay insane 23 banging chick ass marks f geer f 40k and f who ever with y’all foe leaf a chick cuzh turnt it down when a Ni66ah from toast said he needed that! HA! Fonies turnt down on ES IcG 23 LB 40kay geerk wclalivesk eschongosK on crop we REAL CRIP no skinnys tho ova here BAYBAYYyyy

  68. Cashout


  69. 48st Belize bwoy

    f Mansfield, yawl lost 21st and Mansfield Marvin av lol

  70. Loc litt

    Memphis Gl40e gang ? F.I.P BIG HOMIE RICO MORGAN F.I.P 40JOE

  71. 4Rm TN-LA

    Any gkloves 4Rm the LaND willin to get me all the way left on the history! Kite,mail,Fone#,snapchat? Somethn

  72. Realtalk


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