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You saw the movie “Paid In Full”, now see the uncut documentary of the rise and fall of Richard Porter, AZ, & Alpo in their pursuit of the American Dream naratted by JADAKISS. Living by the code of the streets, they became major players in the New York drug trade by the ages of 16 and 17. Flambiyant and ruthless, they made street history and millions of dollars while becoming role models to many. However, ultimately, their greed and treachery led to kidnapping, betrayal and death.

This is the true story of three Harlem drug kingpins (AZ, Alpo & Rich Porter) in the 80’s and documents their rise and fall in the drug game. To get the full picture of what happened, it is best to view these two movies together. If you are a fan of hip hop, you will learn more about many of the things and people many rappers talk about in their music because this story has influenced many of them. This is a gripping documentary that shows the real side of the drug game, not some romantic view of what happens with money, violence and betrayal. A true picture of America. While this is not the greatest documentray ever made it does give you that “slice of life.” A definite must-see.

DVD Release Date: September 16, 2003
Studio: Maven Entertainment, Inc.
Run Time: 60
Narrated: Jadakiss

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