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West Covina is a middle class city suburb of Los Angeles County, located 20 miles east of Downtown LA in the eastern San Gabriel Valley area. The city occupies a total area of 16.1 sq. miles of land. West Covina was incorporated as an independent city in 1923 to prevent the city of Covina from building a sewage farm in the area.

Voted in 2008 & 2009 as one of the best places to live in Los Angeles County, the South Hills area of the city has a large concentration of hillside multi-million dollar homes. According to the 2008 Census, the total population of West Covina is 107,409 people. 52.5% of residents are Hispanic, 35.2% of residents are White, 25% are Asian, and 4.3% are Black or African American.

34% of residents are foreign born, and 54.9% speak a language other than English in the home. 23.6% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 91.7% of residents have a high school degree. Only 6% of families and 9.4% of individuals live below the poverty line. The median family income is 75,925.

Asian gangs in West Covina

  1. Atwater Villa Pinoy Real (PR)
  2. West Covina Pinoy Real (PR)
  3. Satanas (STS)
  4. Sarzana (inactive)
  5. Tiny Raskal Gang (TRG)
  6. West Co Bahalana Gang (BNG)
  7. White Dragon (WD)

11 Comments for “Asian Gangs in West Covina, California”

  1. W/S Carsone

    no TRG or Sarzanas in Westco. White Dragon is a gang? lol.

    West Covina Boys (WCB) is missing. heard of a Jefrox presence out that way too, but not sure.

    • LA Guy

      Yes, White Dragon is a gang. The gang compose of Vietnamese and Chinese. I don’t know, but Wah Ching should be on the list too.

    • SZA GANG

      who are you ??? some kinda pinoy gang expert??? where u from? cuz damn u speak on what u dont know…..Sarzana gang homie

  2. W/S SGV Bahala Na Gangster?? 1


  3. All my homies locked up cuz of you RATS!!!

    No BNG, SZA, STS, WC, WD, JFX in Wesco. Bunch of snitches.



    • Kilo

      I beat the ish out of 3 power rangers in Vegas,real spit!!! And it’s true,no rangers in the pen…all in P/C or back to the islands. But they ain’t real bangers,just
      ish talkers….Ps!!!


      Stop…now thats lies. Puro Sarzana Gang homie…f the rangers! I never see PR in the pen and thats real talk. And u from PR or WCB? f em both SZA GANG !!


    SZA is a dead gang heard they are now in pomona but keeping down low and chilling in other cities than pomona (most likely because they know they will be put down)


    List is wrong there’s a lot of Asian gangs is West Covina

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