West Covina Mob Piru

West Covina Mob Piru is a predominately African-American street gang in the city of West Covina in Los Angeles County.

21 Comments for “West Covina Mob Piru”

  1. EMF TMS


  2. slob187

    r.i.p salinas rap syndicate

  3. Hardest Cholo Kill Yu Foos

    F all ya’ll foos we goin love all u n

  4. slob187

    punched lp….pushed the doggfather and went 4 mo blank

  5. Nst Hoodsta 3k mobk

    I dont like puppy dogK on wess covina Nhood Dead end mafia crip its 3k bk pk hk N the cove

    • savage ru

      das bomedy. kartoon kharacter bl662d. yall wasnt movin ish when i was out there you hang wit tha treys never pushed an issue on any damus period. and then adding deadskins on the end really made you and your boys look bad. yall acckept anybody these days i see. we will keep gettin tha riders yall kan have tha busters. how bout yall go smash some betes. nah yall run from em. if u wanna bang go out and bang get off tha net. put in some work on them sewerrats. all that other ish u talkin is played out. outta all them kays u put up howmany of them really got kayd? just sayin. dont talk about the life be about. WCMP PROSPERO BLOCK. you know wat it is. oh yea f naps and all nap lovers.

  6. NHCWC



    you sound dumb , talking about lynching and ish ! your ancestors was the lazy ones , they aint do ish for amerika , blackk people built this ish! your daddy for not pulling out with his smart blank ! and your momma need to be whipped for be
    being and letting your trifling blank daddy her. and your grandpa ain’t bout ish , his gp ain’t bout ish , and his gp ain’t bout ish . and your grams mad cause your grandpa like blackk girls better . you smart !

  8. Smash Ru

    I dont likek Snoozas, guys just bully kids not bangerz, WCx13k, DEMK, DIRTROCCKKAY, LOLLIK, LHK

  9. OG Makk Ru

    Insane mob gang….Wh662p….East tha deal

    • O.G Evil Braidy ru662% N.Y.B W.¢.M.P 3xx P Blx¢¢k 1x9 M.E.R.R.I.¢.¢.k Blx¢¢k P^iru

      East da deal what it do bl662d E.B.K

  10. O.G Evil Braidy ru662% N.Y.B W.¢.M.P 3xx P Blx¢¢k 1x9 M.E.R.R.I.¢.¢.k Blx¢¢k P^iru

    We all da way in New York Bity bl662d, Southside Jamaica Queens, but y’all know it’s E/$ Money Gang MOB, Bompton, West Bovina, Southside Jamaica Queens…..

  11. DaBeastOfTheEastO.GMonsta187

    Just MOB home after 11 yrs east da deal to all my homiez from West Bovina Bompton and my nikkas n South Jamaica Queens. We da real N.Y.B. 662% 464% N.Y.B W.¢.M.P 3xx P Blx¢¢k 1×9 M.E.R.R.I.¢.¢.k Blx¢¢k P^iru E.B.K

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