101 Crip Gang

101 Crip Gang

9 Comments for “101 Crip Gang”

  1. byby

    all this gang crap is rediculious

    • a read "DAD"

      I agree, 95% of these cowards couldn’t last 2 weeks in a wrestling/boxing/MMA gym. Bunch of tough guys scared to put their hands up and shoot a fair one like him and Mitch Green by the water fountain so they gotta shoot guns & run….. THEN ALL SNITCH on each other once their looking at REAL NUMBERS. They will do a few years, come out sticking their chest out and get a badge of honor but get some real time on them and they start singing like a bird………watch the show First 48 on A&E and EVERY episode u will see all these tough guys crying/telling real quick and then pray a protective custody bed opens up so THEIR “homies” don’t have them ked ……

      streets/hood aint gonna live for u, but u willing to live for it?

      • G_19th

        That may be the case, take into account also the identity & pride youth get from being from gang. If you grew up the kid life; I couldn’t blame you wouldn’t understand. & on the point if this like is idiotic as you say why are you looking at it.

      • saul

        Good one. But don’t think that all of them is like that, cuzz I know guys that is doing football numbers and didn’t snitch! So get your facts right!

      • YGSlimDuce15OOi

        shut up WHITEBOY LMAO

  2. JAY -R0CSTA!

    ALONSO .wuts up hoMie…the homies mad man.. yOU TOOK DOWN THE SET…


  3. damU

    dat d set dont floss cuzz….floss rebates….

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