Rollin’ 100s Crip Alliance in South Los Angeles

The Rollin’ 100s Crip Alliance is a group of several independent Crips gangs that are geographically located north of Century Blvd in South Los Angeles County and the City of Hawthorne.

  1. BudLong Gangster Crip
  2. Blocc Crip Gang
  3. Gangster Crip, 105
  4. Hard Time Hustler Crips
  5. NeighborHood Crips, 111
  6. NeighborHood Crips, 115
  7. Raymond Avenue Crips, 120
  8. Underground Crips
  9. Water Gate Crip

26 Comments for “Rollin’ 100s Crip Alliance in South Los Angeles”

  1. hunnet%

    w/s rich rollin 100’s TFGC bk pk hk 3k snoovak trampk slobk 105 gangster crippn s/0 all da rollin 100’s sets 0 gang or dont bang Roll or get Rolld on

    • Qanniball

      I want to know where the dead guys, or honkeys “bes” im hungry and i am craving a new liver dish using pickled ginger and a nice red carvinyon’ any help would be greatly appreciated and any help will keep me from considering you or “y,all” as my next protein source, toodles

    • rollin killa

      Rolliin k nap k brip k allday..bl44d crab murda gang westside up cmgb westside 104 street 4 life.

      • baby lowdowN 104HXHC Bk PK

        104HXHC ROLLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO CripK gkaNgk inglewoodK apgK cmgK ifgK cpbK wgbK hcgK 83gK 99mK sgcK pbcK magcK bK pK

  2. poohcolbert865

    is 111 rollin


    147STk NAYBkAHk00D ROLLXN 100 CRIP…..PIEk MAGGETk fartGETk TRAMPk SN94VAk SLOBk….10owe GKANGk I dont like DA REST OWE UPk OR BkLOW UPk…1e11um 115 147um

  4. Lani C

    bk pk hk dude K to all Cl00d dudex i am R100 BklOCC Cripk 0 gang 0 d0Nt bkaNg truE O.b.G Cuz wes CraCCiN slobk axx dudex

    • chitown Mack

      Is Rollin 100 Neighborhood Crip 115 called 115 original blocc Neighborhood crips or just 115 neighborhood crips? Are all the NHoods from 111, 112, 113, 115 original blocc neighborhood crips because Neighborhood Crip started in the hundreds?

  5. ricoblvst

    Lil guy you sound dumb as f, do us all a favor… Stick that gun in your in mouth and squeeze that ish, .P… You pop your pistol @ opp(s), not civilian(s)… It(s) call(d) get your man ftoy!

  6. Idontspeakjive

    Can you translate that? Us white people “be” confused.

  7. gavin

    anyone care to interpret these comments for the average mid 20 year old white suburban married man with a maltese dog named oliver?

  8. gavin

    oh yeah

    i forgot to say thanks in advance

  9. vanilla bean

    Yo my homies, vanilla bean in the hayyyyousse! what up in the barrio mofo’s?

  10. The Rilla Killa

    Yo.. How hard can you be to have a ” Follow Pintrest ” tag above..

    Yo yo Dawg.. G Rizzle gonna kizzel some nizzels.. but first let me get at this Quilt Guild bro.

  11. Basic lee

    Obvious Lee everyone in here needs a hug. I won’t do it, because I don’t want cocoa butter lotion on me, but someone needs to.

  12. SteveCookTheCocaineIntoCrack

    Yo the block is hot my ninjas. Got to get that paper Yo
    Follow me on Twitter @dumbfpoorloser

  13. Dawson MB

    Excuse me. i’m not 100% positive I understand the meaning of some of these posts. But I will ask a couple of questions:

    1. Is the gang life (thug life) dangerous?
    2. Can anyone join? (I’ve always been a fan of rap, colored movies, etc)
    3. A / S / L please, so I know exactly with whom I’m dealing

    Thanks!!! God Bless!!

  14. Cartellife

    NAhh aint ish happening ill line yall up and start head by head neck with neck and hangem old school hawmie.. Dnt yall be aking up cause we wont k yall well just chopem up real quick. So keep on selling and make my money..

  15. mgcjr

    100 days and nights was a sad thing to see from the Rollin 100s card
    they also ked innocent people

  16. Plasma


  17. Loso2k93

    Fkucc Snoovas diz CR1P 103RDWBLC

  18. Levi 2uce

    RACs R’nt xpart of the 100’s & haven’t been 4 more than a decade. RC* TC RC*EC

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