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Filmmaker John Ewing III takes you to the front lines of the pitbull underworld and gives you a feel of the bloodline. This is the first 100% uncensored documentary of its kind. If you thought F.E.D.S. bought you the best of the American Pitbull, watch for yourself the public opinion of the people that hat and love the American pitbull. Does the American pitbull get a bad rap? Are they bad dogs or do people use them the wrong way. Learn from the experts why the beast of choice remains the pit bull. Favored by trainers for its loyalty, gameness and ability to keep fighting through extreme pain and exhaustion learn how this dog has been bred for many generations to be dangerously aggressive but good dogs towards humans. The bonus footage includes a must see “Pits Wildin’ Out” and a photo gallery.

Produced: Janique Production
DVD Release Date: April 17, 2007
Running Time: 60
Directed: John Ewing III

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  1. dattie

    I wnt this movie plz

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