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Torrance is a city located in the southwestern South Bay region of Los Angeles County, on a 20.5 sq. mile plot of land. Large-scale Asian immigration, as well as middle-class Latino American and African American home-buyers, have transformed Torrance into a diverse and multicultural city.

The Madrona Marsh, one of the country’s few urban wetlands, is found in Torrance. The Del Amo Mall, located in Torrance, is one of the largest malls in the US. Torrance is a major oil-producing region. The city was once dotted with thousands of oil wells and oil derricks. Today the ExxonMobil refinery in the north end of the city is responsible for much of Southern California’s gasoline supply.

The total population of Torrance is 140,625 people. 17% of residents are Hispanic, 51.3% of residents are White, 31.4% are Asian, and 2.2% are Black or African American. 30.6% of residents are foreign born, and 39.6% speak a language other than English in the home. 42.3% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 91.9% of residents have a high school degree. Only 3.8% of families and 5.1% of individuals live below the poverty line. The median family income is $89,198.

38 Comments for “Crip Gangs in Torrance, California”

  1. MsNomer

    When did this happen, and where is the Crip gang in Torrance? I know about East Side Torrance, and also the more subtle Wah Ching . . . but Crips? You may be thinking about the City Strip that has a Torrance zip code, but in Torrance proper, I don’t think so . . . ‘splain, Lucy!

    • john

      i have been blankaulted by crazy torrance police about 5 times or was it 10. with a gun pointed at my head. one wrong move in 5 x 10 = 50 or 110 minutes and death results from them. this is the 2nd reply

  2. Rory

    The crips would not show there heads in Torrance! Chickens! Torrance PD would not put up with that!

    • john

      like ride down 2 stairs in victor park and have a gun pointed at your head,and listen to them talk to the womens toilet. ride on the wrong side of 190th at night and have a gun pointed at your head by crazy mexicans that have high paying jobs. There is no way to not have them ridicule me anywhere from elementary school , high school or whatever. Others are white trash. Some are white supremacist. 99.9 % of the time nobody wants to be the idiot.

  3. john

    Lets make a microprocessor divide numbers! just a little. I think when the decimal point is entered the flowchart should goto a memory location. and drop the number in. Then the idea is to shift the divisor left and subtract but first test before keeping the result. like 1111 divided by 1111 is 1.

  4. Jay

    Crips in Torrance?

    Is this a fing joke?

    This site is so fing smart and doesn’t know ish.

    They just make up gangs in areas and dudes come on here trolling when their not even in gangs.

  5. BK6

    I don’t know man……..

  6. Big Tee-Bone

    The only Crip set’s close to Torrance are Harbor City Crip Gang, and Dodge City !

  7. spadezlocc

    peach town compton crip in torrance

  8. parcc village baby gangsta

    They 208street crips in torrance in the 90’s

  9. VCT13

    V CENTRO TORRANCE 13 chick I dont like CRABS.
    I dont like CHEESE
    N I dont like ishTY

  10. VCT13

    I dont like QUESO Y I dont like ishTY

  11. HCBH Original

    LMMFAO!! Aint no crips in Torrance. I bn living here almost 30yrs and aint seen a 1. BLOODS Yes but Crips? [X]

  12. INFO

    There aint no bloods in Torrance bit there is crabs 208st crabs but they got ran out by Hispanic gangs like txflats &204st

  13. Centro Vetarano

    Ain’t no miates in TORRANCE



    • NSRLames

      WST Gang? what? You littie internet gangbangers are comedy. Try that ish in Torrance and the only real gang in Torrance, Torrance PD will shut you down. EST, 204st, T Flats………..all torrance po. Not torrance.

  15. shadow

    I dont like trampsk and dat bullish centro trampsk Its dat big bad blank harborx3city gang 255st baby locos click I dont like hairy blankk

  16. U guessed it

    The gang did exist and it was called 208st gangsta crip started in the early 90’s it was orginally called T.O.T taking iver torrance the area is not torrance it is called Harbor Gateway although the mail says torrance and the only time you hear the name HarborGateway is when it makes the news. For the record no one ran them out but the police, they did not beef with the Tflats they did beef with 204st,eastide torrance, larana’s,darksides,TWC and the nasty guys after most went to jail the local gang 204st still attacked the blacks who lived over there regardless of gang ties. During the 2000’s some of the local blacks clicked up with a gang out of gardena called GBI and they started TBI it only lasted so long because some the orginal 208 members did not agree and those who were part of TBI got locked just like the orginal members of 208. To this day there is still not one person who claimed 208 or TBi who lived by the hands of their enimies. Just like in 2006 when a young girl named cheryl was ked most of the victims were innocent and lived merely because the were black dont believe check the torrance or harborgateway hall of records.

    • truth

      Hold on there >u guessed it< …First off 208,TOT ,GBI,TBI never beef with ESTorrance or larana ..darkside TWC never heard of them…Second if you check the hall of records you'll know that 99% of people ked in the harbor gateway were ked hanging with crowds of people who were gangmembers gang or gang affiliated.. Third if 208 never got k its because they were notorious rankers and would never claim 208 openly

  17. DCC

    I dont like hc13K we been took your ish DCC 12st/255st

    • gateway kid

      Hey man i used to live on 208th st and i can seriously say that T.O.T 208crip TBI never existed on 208street a bunch of different people from a bunch of different gangs lived on 208st but no one black gang ever rooted there everybody that claimed 208crip would always rankout when faced by an enemy so to say that they were a gang is laughable and thats a fact so to answer the question there was never a crip gang in Torrance or the Harbor Gateway

  18. beenaround310

    I grew up on 207st back in the mid 90’z and them foos from 208 were around.i new a few of them peewee, lil halfdead and devil from 208 they used to at it with 204 twc and darkside

  19. HCG 92

    peewee, lil halfdead, and the rest of them were all busters that claimed 20 different sets if they was around crips then they were crips if they was around bloods then they was bloods straight lames and as far as 208 dont make me laugh there was no such thing ever 208 never existed

  20. Anony Mouse

    How about all the gangsters in the world just grow up. There is no point to murdering anybody and all the bs crime they get into. I know its because of a lack of love and moral upbringing from their families. Love means the parents would’ve beat their kids blankes when they showed disrespect to anybody. But too many parents are ridiculous and think they know how to parent so they say smart sh** like, “don’t tell me how to raise my kids” and “you think you know better how to raise my kids,” and the answer is yes, most families with no connection to ghetto upbringings would raise kids better. That is fact and you can find the stats in college educated people. Some kids make it out of the ghetto and show no pride in their ishty city, even though its home. Only morons would choose to stay in a dangerous, termite infested city. Look at the news everyday, ghetto thugs stealing cars and leading cops on high speed chases. Just today to punks jumped a deaf man who was minding his own business. What did he do to deserve that nonsense? Or the special needs teen who was ked in South Los Angeles for wearing red shoes. Dumbsh***! All over a color. Grow up you piece of ****. I know its hard to get out and away from the bullsh** but you make the choice. Do you think Jesus would’ve joined a gang out of fear. No way! Are you supposed to mimic the life of Jesus? Those with ghetto upbringings don’t have a clue or a bone in their body that cares about life. And I know the police aren’t perfect. Many of them are trash that grew up in the ghetto too. Some legitimately want to get out of the ghetto while others just want authority to exert their wrath. Crooked cops and good cops are everywhere, just like mangy thugs. I know the government hasn’t been fair to the poor communities and that needs to be fixed, but when government officials try to help those communities you still get the damn gang mentality to protect everything in your ‘hood. Again, grow the **** up! Accept change for the better! Make your life better. Don’t cut clblank! Study your blank off! Help others to succeed. The world doesn’t revolve around you. And just because you came from the womb of some woman, doesn’t mean she is a great role model for you. Crack fiend mom’s are NOT good mothers! Deadbeat fathers who give you your first hit of marijuana, or sip of brew, are NOT good fathers. I’ve been a teacher and an outreach coordinator. I know what the hell I’m talking about. If you want change, get your life in order. You CAN be somebody if you have enough self restraint when it comes to all the negative stuff that affects your life. Make a difference for you and your family. Get them out of the ghetto. Get off food stamps and govt blankistance. You CAN do it if you apply yourself. My dad did and he didn’t make excuses, and in case you’re wondering, he isn’t white. If he can do better, you can do better. Start praying to God! Start going to church! Stay away from your thug friends and get back in school. Get a job! Show love to your siblings. Forgive people as God forgives you if you ask for it. You can do it!

  21. Harbor City Crip 252

    208 Gangster Crip Was A Bunch Of Different guyz From Different Hoods Like 83 Hoover And Playboy Hustler Crip Who Went To Narbonne In 1995. They Shot At Police And Mexicans… I Had Beef With 208 I Was From TWC 259st Who Mostly Turned Madd blank Harbor Crip.

    • Jay bird

      Shut yo blank up !!! 208’fakes ain’t never ever blasted on no police ..and just because 3 people claimed that ish don’t mean that it ever existed

  22. Harbor City Crip 252

    208st Gangster Crip Was A Bunch Of People From Different Hoods Like 83 Hoover And Playboy Hustler Crip. I Was From TWC We Had Gang Fights Against 208’s At Narbonne And Stephen White. Most TWC’s (T-Dubs) South Side Wreccin Crew 259str Turned Harbor City 252nd Crips

  23. Nick spann

    All you guys and taco eating eses putos who gangbang should be shot i feel sorry for your parents and children you gangbangers are a waste of a human life and you are fing losers fighting and claiming a neighborhood thats not even yours such idiots.

  24. DonD

    208st Crips Did Exist but now I think the only Crip gang close to Torrance are the Poccet Hood Crips in the Harbor Hills Projects

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