Bun B Introduces “Houston Rap”

By Lora Neng
March 8, 2013

After New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago, other cities rarely get top billing in the Hip-Hop media, but Houston is aiming to change that. The cultural hub down South in Texas has a thriving Hip-Hop community that has already contributed to the national sound, and now they intend to gain their rightful recognition for it.

Bun B’s appointment as “Distinguished Lecturer” at Rice University in 2011 heralded the serious consideration for Hip-Hop that is amping up with the “Houston Rap” exhibition, which opened just this month at the Houston Museum of African American Culture. The show features the photography of Peter Beste, who has been shooting portraits of some of the biggest rap figures of Houston’s distinctive “chopped and screwed” style since 2004. Many of the photographs can also be seen in Beste’s publication by the same title, which features an introduction written by Bun B, and The Houston Rap Tapes, a collection of interviews by collaborator Lance Scott Walker with introduction by Willie D of Geto Boys.

Image source: hmaac.org

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